Thursday, April 18, 2013

reading is good (for me and him)

these are the "real" books that i've read to elijah so far. minus christmas ones
we listen to a lot of music, and radio theater(this is my fave), but i love reading with elijah.

last year, elijah was still chewing off covers and ripping out pages. now he pours over every inch, studying the print and illustrations, as if he's reading. i wonder if he is reading?
besides the picture books and lego magazines, i try to read aloud to elijah a little bit each day. from big kid books. these are some of my favorites, and it's been a treat to dive into them again as a mama.

we began a fun journey into ramona's life this week. thanks for the treat, jami! i remember thinking she was a hoot as a kid. but now, i really get a kick out of her and often find myself laughing out loud a little. 

when i read and laugh(or cry), i think of my parents.
one thing my parents did a wonderful job of was reading aloud to us kids. so many nights i would be terribly annoyed that i had to go sit and listen to dumb books with my dumb family. but a few paragraphs in, my heart would soften and i'd want to be nowhere else.

my dad has this amazing voice and cadence. slow(this part was the best because i think it drove my mom crazy), southern and kinda mighty sounding. it soothes me to hear him. and i'm so holy, that sometimes i listen to his sermons online just to hear his voice. just being honest. some of my sweet childhood memories are all about being read to. my mama has the very best gollum voice, and she's the one who made me love the hobbit so much. and looking up because of silence, to see tears streaming down my dad's face at the end of the best christmas pageant ever? yeah.

something about sharing the worlds of narnia, middle earth, charlotte & wilbur, reverend maxwell in raymond and the small beasts on their incredible journey and more. they changed me.

between being read to at home and at school, i was given a hunger to read on my own. this is my prayer for elijah. and if he's not able to read(which all signs point to him reading, and possibly that he already can!) i will be there to read to him. it's helped us to bond, exploring together. and even though sometimes i'm not sure if he's paying me any attention as he's transforming robots or lining up dinosaurs, i believe he hears me. and i hope he knows that i'm reading because i love him and i love what i'm reading. i'm sharing a part of myself with him as i introduce these characters to him. it's good for both of us. 

this is up next:

what have you been reading with your family?
if you're looking for something to begin with, choose one from that pile up top :)


  1. Lovely post! I love reading with the kiddies. The dynamics are starting to change as the two older ones enjoy reading on their own too. we just finished Charlottes Web, and I didn't think that my three year old was paying attention, as he would potter about playing with cars while I was reading, but now that we finished ( and I got quite choked up at the end there) he has been talking about it a lot and carrying around my old falling- apart copy of the book. I'm sure your boy is listening keep reading:-)

  2. can i say i like you even a little bit more after this post!? love all your pick and i love the best christmas pagent ever!

    i love Matilda,and often threaten to lock my kids in the chokey :) i love where the red fern grow, anne of green gables...i might just like childrens books better than grown up books. lol

    We are currently reading and hooked on shel silerstein where the side walk ends :)

  3. i love that you read with that guy.
    i mean. i was a reading fiend as a kid.
    and was reading before my parents even knew i was.
    i bet he is to. :)

    cutest boy.
    cutest mom.
    (and dad)

    i heart your fam bam. (and instagram.) hahah.

  4. Books and reading are my favorite thing to share with my littles. I've just recently started collecting books that I loved as a child - Bridge to Terabithia, Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, Nancy Drew, The Boxcar Children. So many...I've had to devote a bookcase to just "children's" books.

    I loved hearing about how your family would read out loud together. My mom was my 2nd grade teacher and I loved hearing her read aloud.

  5. Oh, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!!! Totally my favorite and I read it every year. I was crying too hard to finish at the end and had to have my daughter do it.

    We're reading Ramona, too. SO love her. I remember where I sat in my elementary school's library when I read those books.

    We read a bunch of Little House last summer and probably will again this summer. I can't wait to break out Anne of Green Gables!

    My oldest daughter is a really good reader, but she still prefers to be read to...and I'm okay with that!

  6. reading is one of my absolutely favorite things to do! I love reading aloud to the kids. We're making our way through Winnie the Pooh right now. (i've read and have all the books you mentioned!) it's also one of the few, and best memories i have with my mom. she would read to us all the time and when she was away for treatments she would record herself reading to us on tape. another one you might like is, a wrinkle in time.

  7. I just (like last week) started reading longer chapter books to James. I don't know why I never thought of it before. We're about halfway through Stuart Little. I think I'm loving it more than him, but I'm so excited to see how this time grows!

  8. i love this post, because i LOVE reading. i'm trying my hardest to give my kids a love for it too. why are all your books so cute?

  9. My oldest is going through the Borrowers series! The big kids enjoy the Penderwicks, Mysterious Benedict Society, Narnia - yes! I loved Amelia Bedilia when I was little. There is a whole series of those, too. Ramona is hilarious - I laugh outloud with that one also : )

  10. I wish my 9 year old wanted to read some of those. She is hooked on Captain Underpants right now. I have to say though, I am happen she is reading.

  11. this is beautiful- absolutely beautiful. I'm a reading nut, and I teach 2nd grade, and love teaching reading more than anything. But I just love this post. I just am so touched by your love for your son and your family. and its just so lovely!

  12. I love, love, love this! We are big readers at our house! Right now at lunch time we're reading Tumtum & Nutmeg. It's the cutest story about two mice who live in a broom cupboard in an English cottage. All of my kids love it!

  13. Yes!!! I choked up reading this because it brought me back to my childhood story time memories. Even now when my dad gets quiet I know he's struggling with emotions and it gets me too. Right now we're reading The Magicians Nephew and loving it!