Monday, April 15, 2013

hello, new week.

we're off to a lazy start today, i'm loving it so much!
i do feel a little confused. mondays are like that sometimes. it could be from waking up too early or because i am burning hawaiian breeze candles as snow is falling from the sky.

yesterday i started a new dvd sermon series on psalm 51. it's one i've been wanting, and was able to score for five dollars recently! every week ligonier has "five dollar friday" and has several awesome resources marked down for the day. so, make sure you check it out! this psalm is one of my favorites. true repentance, tender mercies of god, forgiveness and restored joy. amen? just one session in and i'm already being pounded by the word. learning new things and being reminded of so much. i highly recommend :)

last week during lunch, elijah's intervention specialist says something like "oh! we've been meaning to ask you, elijah's been speaking spanish. does he watch spanish television?"

hmmm. nope. but we do have a few things he can watch in spanish, and will be doing that now! apparently he's been saying a few words and numbers, and we're not sure where he's heard them. it's a fun little mystery. elijah's not much for performance on command, so we haven't heard anything yet. but i'll keep you posted. always something amazing going on with this kid!

some days i miss elijah more than i can take. some of those times, i just go scoop him up early. friday was a perfect day for it! we went to choose a balloon and pick up papa from work. elijah was singing his heart out, mostly christmas songs, and all was well. until, patrick wasn't able to leave on time. we were stuck waiting for over an hour. let's just say, things progressed into a different direction than what you see in this photo :)

since it was so close to dinner and cranky moods were rampant, we elected to eat dinner out. five guys  is fun for all of us, including me and my gluten intolerance! their amazing fries are safe and this is how they serve a burger my way. gluten free, handy and delicious.

saturday morning we went to a community autism walk and celebration. for the first ten minutes or so, elijah was cautious and checking everything out. he quickly relaxed and made himself at home. he "walked" like this for the entire time. my sister and her oldest girl came, elijah loved seeing cousin ivy so much! this was the first time that i've attempted an event without patrick. god is so faithful, it was a good experience! 

we had the blessing of a bright and blue weekend. which is extra sweet because today:

we're making the most of the fresh snowfall. i kept elijah home from therapy, and we're having fun today. christmas movies are always a good option when it snows mid april, yes?

happiest monday to you!
how are you making the most of this day?

joining carissa today, go say hi!


  1. can't believe you have snow on the ground. it was 80 here yesterday. i would prefer the snow!!! love reading about elijah's progress! hope you have a great week!

  2. I love Christmas movies. We keep The Grinch on the DVR.

  3. Those Five Guys're killin' me. We have to drive 3 hrs back to our home state just to itch that scratch! Lol

  4. Goodness...snow. I can't imagine. It's been beautiful here.

  5. Loved this post! Elijah's little walk is adorable!!! And thank you for sharing that site for resources. Our bible study group is always looking for new stuff to check out!

    Happy Monday sweet lady!

  6. you're an amazing momma!! and I want to come over and watch Christmas movies with you.

  7. We woke up to snow yesterday, but it melted by the afternoon!

    My middle daughter pretends to speak spanish sometimes and it makes my oldest really mad...she'll tattle on her and say, "Maggie's speaking spanish and I can't understand her!" HA! The things a younger sibling will do to get the upper hand :)

  8. Thanks to your photo I'm tempted to jump in the car & drive 15 min for my Five Guys fix. :)

  9. It makes me so happy that you watched Christmas movies in April. I will take them ANY time of the year!

  10. I didn't know 5 guys did gluten free. I have to check this out! elijah and spanish, huh?? that's awesome. way to go little guy!

  11. that 5guys photo makes me want to give it a whirl again.
    also, i bet elijah speaks more spanish than me. and that's saying a lot for this 33.3 percent.

  12. um, there is something about your green bible that always makes me happy. :)
    they dont make it anymore (I check all the time, PS)
    and i always know you have something good to share when it's peeking out.
    i think the little pic on your side bar is what drew me to you in the first place (no joke).

    also this whole comment is dedicated to your green bible.
    over and out.