Thursday, April 04, 2013

a little gussy love

i had several errands to take care of today. thankfully, all my stops were nearby in my cozy downtown! it's a gorgeous day so it was wonderful to take care of business and get some sunny fresh air. when i have a lot to do, but not very far to go, i love being able to carry only what i need. this is why i love my gussy sews zip pouch!

this super cute fabric combo shouts spring and it's functional. it's great to keep small items organized in my purse, or to carry on its own. like today!

my pouch is the trellis confetti medium zip. small enough to carry everywhere i need to go and big enough to nestle all my essentials into. 

i love my zip pouch, but i love the gussy sews brand even more. their customer service is wonderful and i know products i receive or send as gifts will be beautiful and durable. if you've been wanting a little gussy in your life, now's the time. pick up some happy for you and a friend. you'll be pleased and i bet you'll find trips to the market a bit more cheerful with gussy along :)

this is a sponsored post, but words and opinions are my own. i love gussy for real, and you should too!


  1. Replies
    1. me too! i want one of each, in every style. ha!

  2. i have one of her totes, and i totes love it. see what i did there? lol
    seriously though, send me the cash and the burt's. thanks!
    love ya!

    1. you're a funny one.
      come see me and you can have all the cash and burt's you want!
      well, maybe a little cash.

  3. i want gussy. and i just realized her designs match your personality perfectly. fun and colorful.

    1. you sweetheart!
      seriously, love all her stuff so much!
      and you.