Monday, April 22, 2013

a few good things

last week was full of suffering and pain for many. praying for the lord to comfort and bring justice. i so loved this article and wanted to share it with y'all "you will destroy every evil until there is none -- none in us and none in this world."

and to begin a new week, it's always wise to focus on a few good things:

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strawberry and kiwi in a jadeite bowl.
listen. i could eat fruit all the ding dang day, so this isn't really new to me. the new thing is, fruit (and veggies) make up way more of my daily food intake than anything else. i still enjoy meats and good cheese, i'm not crazy. potatoes and eggs and rice and chips and salsa! are also on my menu regularly. with my newly discovered gluten intolerance and only allowing myself sweet treats on sunday, i'm basically a new human. NEW. and it's from the inside out. soon and very soon i'll be sharing more details. a little hint: no gimmicks, just jesus. i hope you'll stick around, because you just may want to join me! 

vanilla coke floats.
sunday nights is when i usually have my "sweet". and i'm on a vanilla coke over vanilla ice cream kick. amen.

scripture memory cards.
let me tell you about my sweet friend melissa's shop, the lovely words! so much goodness to bring truth and encouragement into your home. i'm especially excited about our new cards. they're hanging on elijah's bedroom wall, and we're reading them aloud. kinda sing-songish :) elijah likes the colors and words, and i think he will catch onto this even quicker than i think!
having scripture in plain sight it the best way to learn it. for kids and adults. i feel comfortable in guaranteeing that memorization will happen if you placed these cards where you'll see them often. framed over the bathroom sink, strung above a bed to review at tuck-in or on a wall near the dinner table. get some, display them, and look at them with your family!

weekends with my little fella.
elijah works hard all week long. thirty hours of aba therapy, plus two sessions each of speech and ot, and four mornings of preschool special needs programs. all important and helping him to thrive and draw out his awesomeness...but good grief. i am tired even thinking about it all. saturdays and sundays are free days. i probably spoil him too much on the weekends, but it feels right :) it's still cold out, so we're making the most of indoor play. lots of messy, noisy fun. praising the lord for a mostly peaceful weekend together!

reminders of truth.
this print is from one of my favorite shops. stephanie designs fantastic, uplifting goodness. she's also a sweetheart, go say hi! it's hanging in elijah's room, near his scripture cards. a reminder for me and for him. you know how sometimes the lord just keeps bringing things to your attention? that's the story with this verse for nearly two weeks now! written in a note from a friend, in my devotions, in a sermon, on a calendar, on this print, and even at the post office. a few days ago while shipping orders, i had my usual chit-chat with my awesome regular downtown postman. no doubt i looked tired, the previous night had been long and the day began roughly. i chose to be honest when he asked how i was. i told him we'd had a terrible start to therapy for the day and i was hoping it'd get better. he asked what elijah has therapy for, i told him he's autistic. and awesome. my dear postman looked me in the eyes and told me to look up psalm 139. i teared up, and told him it's one of my favorite passages. he said "your son is created exactly how he is supposed to be, don't forget that. take comfort in that psalm." a little blown away, i told him thank you and cried all the way home. because it feels so darn good to be encouraged anywhere, but especially when you are not expecting it at all. so. i'm grateful for this truth and how the lord is impressing it upon our family lately. like i said on instagram,
praise jesus for this: every speck of your being was perfectly designed. believe and appreciate that you are valuable! be a good steward of the masterpiece he's created. beautiful you.
it's truth for you. happy monday! xo

for you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. i praise you, for i am fearfully and wonderfully made. wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. my frame was not hidden from you, when i was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. psalm 139:13-16

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  1. Ok, 1. The verse cards are wonderful!! 2. Elijah rocks and so do you and so does your postman and 3. That psalm has saved me the last two years. I cling to it and finally truly believe every word of it!!!

  2. weekends are for spoiling our babies with love. the kind that falls hard and leaves a mark for all of their lives. thank you for sharing the memory cards Hannah. you are a gift:)

  3. this is a whole lot of good things.
    those scripture memory cards are genius.
    i seriously need to get them ASAP.
    i have an idea of how to display them too. (for myself, for sure)

    mr. e jumping is the happiest kind of picture. :)

    happy monday. let's do this.

  4. wow. God bless that postman. work it, mama.

  5. you are such a beautiful new human. so happy you are feeling good! from the inside out. that article is amazing. um, pretty sure eg works more than me. phew! praying for strength for him this week - that's a lot of hard work. so thankful to see what God is doing in him.

  6. none in us and none in the world. Amen!

  7. Sweet Hannah. I just used the same verse in my post this afternoon. You see, there is quite the story surrounding my birth story. And I fully declare the goodness of God through it all. Love to you today!

  8. amazing how God works, huh?! love this post, love those scripture cards and love hearing about your son. hope you have a fantastic week!

  9. oh goodness, I love my scripture memory cards I got from Melissa ~ aren't they fantastic!! thank you for sharing my giveaway, sweet friend :)

  10. Those Bible verse cards are so wonderful! My walls are jam packed full, but I'm still trying to think of a place I could squeeze them in... :)

  11. look at you go with all the fruits and veggies!

    yum to vanilla floats!

    love your weekend thoughts!

  12. I love those scripture cards, what a wonderful idea to hang them on the wall like that. Gotta check those out!