Tuesday, March 26, 2013

what i should be doing

sweet hoop from my friend mary

rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. romans 12:12

what would it look like?
to really live this way. taking scripture seriously and actually believing and obeying it. every minute.

the bad news is, i fall short and always will. 
the good news is, it's not about what i can do or fail to do. 
it's about what's already been accomplished.

one of the most terrible events in history is also the most beautiful and glorious. the son of god left heaven and came to this world. the god-man, jesus. he died my death. he was nailed to a cross. to give me his life. so unfair. so ridiculous. i can hardly justify it in my mind, and then i rest my trying. because i remember that his ways are not my ways. his fairness scale doesn't look like mine. he sees worth in my rags, beauty in my disfigured heart. his image. his plans. he sees my soul. redeemed and drawn to himself, through the very blood he shed on that cross. naked and spent, he was bearing my shame. 

as i'm pondering this and more this week. i'm repenting for not doing my part. and my part? 
to do nothing but believe him. take him at his word and live like i believe it. all. 
believe that it's not about me. it's about him. 
his finished work.
his holding of my future.
his grace.
his love.

when i fret and despair, when i try to write the rules; i am not trusting him. and i am wasting my life.
i am choosing to live shackled to myself and my failures. this is asinine because i am free.
he's rescued me and clothed me in his own righteousness. i can't make it more perfect or secure.
it's already been sealed up. forever.

so i start re-writing my to-do lists. and believing that he smooths the path ahead of me when i trade my work for his words. letting his truth guide my steps, rather than trying to make them fit what i think i need.

i'm starting here, this is my task for today:
rejoice in hope, be patient in trouble and never stop praying.


  1. yes and amen!
    just reading this gives me the chills in the best way. such hope!

    "that i should such a life destroy, yet live by Him i killed."

    overwhelms me.

  2. NO JOKE - I just got done with some quiet time and ended with Romans 12:12 and thought YES! That's what I need to hold onto. That's what's getting me through and has gotten me through the tough past couple years. How validating to see the very same words five minutes later!! Hmmmmmmm, divine reminders. Love it!

  3. So true! Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a blessed and special week.

  4. i love romans 12:12, it's on my living room wall.

  5. believe! yes! me too. and constant in prayer is something i need to work diligently on. my mind gets so noisy and the prayers get pushed aside.

    mary is so good at making things. so good.

    love ya.

  6. Rejoice in Hope! I've got hope on my brain, too, friend! So, so, so thankful that Jesus is our Hope.

  7. Yes. I love how you said "One of the most terrible events in history is also the most glorious". That's exactly how I feel yet couldn't quite form it in such a way.

  8. It's so easy for me to get caught up in the doing, doing, doing. I usually feel like I should be doing more. So this is music to my ears...

    "the good news is, it's not about what i can do or fail to do. it's about what's already been accomplished."

    I'm going to rest in that truth today.

  9. i think your task for today is perfect! I also think the fact that you want more of god and you always want to strive to be more like him shows that he is evident in your life : )I can always always use a little more jesus!

  10. oh, i needed this. i love your adjective used here: beauty in my disfigured heart. because mine is so disfigured. it's amazing how hard it is to live this way because i think i can do it on my own. and yet, it's so simple if we trust and believe him. oh soften my heart, lord.