Thursday, March 14, 2013

wham bam instagram

still trying to decide. is that a crass title? too late now, i suppose.

i didn't plan to not blog since tuesday. there really is much to say, i just haven't had the time. perhaps next week. 
so, let's catch up a little. through instagram photos!
honestly, i haven't been taking many pictures. things have been a little wild here lately. ready for some breathing room, and patrick has the next few days off. hallelujah!

i've just noticed these pics lack color. which sorta reflects our still-happening-winter, and sorta my mood.

so. i'm beginning to barely almost somewhat get the hang of being gluten-free. sound confusing? well. IT IS. i'm grateful for friends along the way who share recipes and wisdom. also, we have a cute natural foods market on our block. i'm visiting more regularly, and pretty sure they are tired of all the questions i ask :)

finally framed my print from one of my fave shops. the quote reads "use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best." henry van dyke and i love it very much. also very much loving this book. this quote stood out to me especially on sunday when i was reading. such truth. great encouragement as i'm focusing on "secure" this year

therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices; my flesh also dwells secure. psalm 16:9

what do you do for fun? you ask.
well, during the day you may find me sanitizing my makeup brushes. i love to spray them with this. the thing is, it's been discontinued! so please, tell me what sanitizer you use in between washes? and yes. i do think less of you if you don't wash yours. just kidding. but seriously. wash them.
in the evening, if my son ever goes to sleep since my husband works late, i watch a movie. usually while i'm doing something else. like cleaning, brainstorming with myself is it weird i do that? or making jewelry. these three films are some of my super faves. which would you watch right now? i would choose lars, because i've watched you've got mail twice this week and fried green tomatoes, too :) they are monthly showings for me!

this boy. 
he was watching this show ("donna source chains") when i snapped this pic. good grief, i love him so! sunday we celebrate elijah! four years ago he officially became our son. the time sure has flown by for me. we don't have any set plans this year, just to do something fun. together. 
one thing elijah loves doing, is putting postage stamps on my shop orders! he was super helpful this week, because i had a little rush in orders. people are excited to raise money for this cause. and i am honored to be helping out with items purchased from this section. check it out!

little notes: 
- google reader will retire in july. you can follow on bloglovin' to keep up with new posts! 
look up all your favorite blogs on there, make sure you get connected before reader leaves us!

- have you checked out my new addition to the blog? 
this page will be updated weekly, featuring online finds that are inspiring me!

happy friday!
tell me what you're looking forward to this weekend?

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  1. hope you have a great weekend hannah!

  2. hannah- i LOVE that first photo. it needs frame, don't you think? and you've got mail-all time favorite! love your heart mama

  3. i hope you guys have a great few days together!
    yayfor your honey being off of work! :)
    also, it's still snowing here. help!

  4. Your title made me smile as soon as I say it in my reader! I say make it a regular thing! :)

    I've never seen the Lars movie. It's on Netflix so I may have to give it a try this weekend.

    Praying you have a wonderful weekend with your guys! Have fun celebrating on Sunday! YAY!

  5. Got our pkg today!! Daughter ordered arrow necklace for her BFF (of course we have one for ourselves as well, because they're so stinkin' fun!) - thanks for the bonus : ) We love your goodies!!! Have a great weekend xoxo

  6. hi. :)
    your title nearly killed me.
    why didn't i think of that one. :)
    hillllll arious. :)

    also i wash my brushes with bare escentuals brush cleaner.
    not that i have done it recently. so, um. this weekend?

    also elijah is the cutest. :)
    that is all.

  7. Fried green tomatoes is such a great movie! I just saw that Pretty in Pink is on Netflix, and I think I will be hitting the sack early and watching it. Have a great weekend.

  8. Ditto what Kim said the bare escentuals brush cleaning spray is really good, I use it every couple of days and method lavender hand soap as a monthly deep clean

  9. i don't know how to do bloglovin. waaaaa. so resistant to change like a dinosaur.

    ollie and twain are gluten free. we love LOVE udi's bread. i like it better than regular bread! and we do rice pasta from traders. and rice cakes. and i used to make them biscuits from almond four. once you get used to it, you will be FINE. scout's honor.

    i don't clean my brushes. hm. that's probably why i break out in my elderly age...

    i can't WAIT to watch Emma(A&E version) tonight. it's like the 3rd or 4th time in the past few weeks:)

  10. "Donna Source Chains"...what a cutie pie <3