Monday, March 18, 2013

sara jane project

remember bunnies for buganda? they're back, just in time for easter!

renamed the sara jane project, and with a slightly new mission:

buy a bunny. bless a child. build a family.

my dear friend chalice is one of the darling hearts behind this ministry. it's a joy to see her growing and serving others in this way, to bring honor and glory to her king jesus. and love and comfort to those who crave it so. chalice says:

So here’s how all of this works: When you purchase a bunny here, I send a ‘twin’ bunny  to a child in Uganda on (or around) Christmas day and a portion of the proceeds will go directly to the Todd family to put toward the numerous expenses that come in pursuing adoption.
In 2011 for our first Christmas bunny drop while I was in Uganda, we were able to deliver 128 bunnies to the kids at the children’s hospital in Jinja. This past year we more than doubled that number and were able to present more than 300 children with bunnies in a slum community just outside of Jinja. This coming year I’d love nothing more than to continue to see that number rise so that my once small idea might continually transform into His global force for the Kingdom in which those who are hurt can be comforted, those without families may come home to their mother and father, and those who are lost can be found. 
read more about this project here and here!

having recently celebrated four years since our own adoption, we are passionate about supporting other families on their journey. as they work toward building their families through the beautiful ministry and gift of adoption.

we're excited to give elijah a bunny this easter, and pray for this project. that the recipients of the 'twin' bunnies would know the love of christ, and for the todd family as they get closer to bringing home their new little one.

hop on over to the sara jane project site asap, choose a bunny from the several adorable styles and tell your friends to do the same!

want to keep up with this ministry? connect with the sara jane project on facebook here!


  1. wow! thank you hannah! so so sweet of you. such a generous post! love you:)

  2. chalice is amazing. you are too.

  3. what a neat organization. also, that one of e hugging the!!