Monday, March 25, 2013

monday sundries

it's a new week! 
holy week. 
if you're not already, take some time this week to really soak up this season of easter. this free book from desiring god is an excellent tool for preparing our hearts as we celebrate the death and resurrection of jesus. (also, this guide for the lenten season is amazing. so catch up on that too!) easter seems to be a time that the lord refreshes my soul, and blesses me with new zeal for reading his word. that's happened again for me this year! and i pray it will be for you, too. a sort of kickstart, to really dig in and grow closer to the one who paid it all.

and on that note, if you have any questions about easter, jesus or the bible? email me, i'm happy to chat with you! i'm a work in progress, and i believe that the lord can reach more than just my own heart through the lessons he's teaching me now.

so. it's still mostly wintery around here. and i am sick with sinus mess. BUT. 
we have sunshine today! and baby oranges and colorful napkins always help set a jolly tone.

patrick had several days off last week. praise jesus. even though we haven't felt 100%, we've been enjoying just being.

a lot of relaxing, dinosaurs, transformers, reading, netflix and cuddling.

and a little cleaning.

once i kick the sickies, i'm beginning the 30 day shred. it's always a huge help and i need it now. patrick took me shoe shopping, so i'm ready to rumble. soon, lord willing, it'll be nice and spring-y outdoors, and i can get some fresh air-fitness :)

sometimes i have so much on my mind at the end of the day, it's difficult to settle down. certainly not in place of, but in addition to prayer...i've found that reading a few children's books really calms me and boosts my mood. this veronica book is one of my favorites. have you read it?

have you seen new goodies trickling into the shop? 
like this darling birdie on a twig?

i think the bees are my faves. two cute options:
big bee on a 30" chain or baby bee on a 24" in chain. both with cheerful yellow accents!

sweet 30" necklaces. feather with subtle spring colors, and another for your bright side :) 

new earrings, too!

linking up here today, you should too!


  1. That birdie on a twig... I'm justifying this daily for my needs ; )
    And I don't think I've read Veronica? Trying to think. I LOVE children's books, too. Still wintry here as well. Thought spring was rearing its head...then woke to fresh snow! Oh my.
    And I always love your cute napkins, plates and fruit : )

  2. hi. :) happy monday friend.
    love the cheery napkins and oranges. :)
    glad you and your man candy had a little time together as a fambam.

    i think you're swell. have a great week.

  3. I thought the arrow was the coolest, but I love the bumble bees!

  4. Just promise you will turn Jillian on mute?! Because otherwise your ears won't last 30 days. No offense, J.

    I'm so sorry about your sniffles and stuff. That is a bummer. Praying for good health!

    Journey to the Cross has taught me so much. I love this season. And you.

  5. Sorry you've been sick, friend!

    Jillian scares me, and her 30 Day Shred took me 35 days. Whatevs. I'm terrified but I just got her 6 week 6 Pack ab DVD. Hubby said he'd do it with me which I don't remember, but we watched the level one workout last night (while sitting on the couch), so we could see the torture she's planning to inflict. S-C-A-R-Y stuff. I'm skurred.