Sunday, March 17, 2013

gotcha day: fourth edition

happy st. patrick's day! it's one of our favorite days. one reason being:

four years ago today a judge declared baby elijah officially our son.

i've been sorting through all of this for days. is this real life? 
this amazing little one, who is way less little now wakes up in my house, calls me charlie, begs for bacon and belts out disney songs...
he is ours to love. the goodness of god astounds me. glory.

this year, no big fanfare. we've got the sniffles and just want to relax. our brand of relaxing so far includes, but is not limited to:

going to the party store to pick out take with us to browse the toy aisles.

darting through the house as the webbed wonder and nearly giving me a heart attack with his every leap.
also, five guys fries, dinosaur and little golden books.
care bears, voltron and transformer reenactments. elijah has perfected both the voltron assembly and the care bear stare. and sometimes, if you're lucky, he performs them back to back. it's a party over here, every day.

it's so true.

we celebrate each day, because each day is a new gift of time with him. melting at the sight of his sweet face and thoughtful eyes. watching him learn, and helping him when he's frustrated. cheering him on when he's trying new things. crying together when none of us knows what's going on. it should all be celebrated. each moment is from the lord, who put us together. knit us, three lonely hearts into a family. elijah made us parents. he's making us strong, he's making us humble. he's showing us so much about ourselves, and even more about jesus.

it's amazing.
these days we're living? not at all what i dreamed for myself. but i like this story so much better than the one i had planned. i'm so grateful for this new dream. this life. as a wife. parenting alongside the greatest man i know, my dearest friend and lover. as a mama. realizing that mothering doesn't mean knowing it all. or much of anything really. it's about crying out daily to the lord, asking him to come down and help me. fill me up, so i can pour out. it's about being wrong, and shown right. it's about love. 

we'll be celebrating you today, elijah grey. we're so glad you're here!

i will sing to the lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me! psalm 13:6


  1. Love your story and love you!!
    Happy Gotcha Day!!! <3 <3

  2. Celebrating each day...what a true and beautiful reminder. Happy 4 years of your togetherness.

  3. Yay for adoption!
    Yay for God bringing eg to your family!
    Yay for parenting being super hard so that we realize we can't do it without Him!
    Yay for your heart!
    Yay for His ways being FAR better than ours!

  4. 4 blessed years, so amazing. so happy for you friend and all the goodness God is doing in your lives. :)

  5. happy gotcha day sweet friend!
    what a sweet blessing you have been given!

  6. This is beauiful! Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Singer Family!!

  7. Happy Gotcha Day to y'all! What a sweet, beautiful boy.

  8. I love this, Hannah!! I think your perspective is really good - even helpful for me with my kids.

    Also we are big fans of "darth bader" over here.

  9. you know what i can't get enough of? baby pics of EG.
    more please.

    i'm so grateful that God chose you and Patrick as Elijah's mama and papa. He knows exactly what He is doing and it's all so evident right here on this little piece of internet.

    What a great little boy you got(cha).
    Please give him an extra squeeze for me today. <3

  10. Ack, love love love this post!!!

    Yay for His plans that turn out SO much better than our own!

  11. i just love the dreams He gives us. they're so much sweeter than anything i'd have ever cooked up.
    so glad for your beautiful family!! you are all so much joy.

  12. i love this. happy gotcha day, elijah! oh, that mothering doesn't mean knowing it all....I'll praise the Lord with you on that one, sista!
    <3 <3 <3