Saturday, February 16, 2013

saturday plans {and shop special!}

happy weekend!
i'm spending it close to this cutie.
we are both not feeling well, so it's pretty quiet around here.

i hope you'll check out the SATURDAY SPECIAL in my shop!
today's deal is more than 30% off these pretty bead cluster necklaces.
seven colors to choose from and only one of each available 
(well, there are two of this one!)
these can dress up or down, and make sweet gifts.

deal ends at midnight central time

while you're in the shop, check out the SALE section, and my current favorite item!


  1. hope you both feel better soon!
    lovely bling:)

  2. Lovely gifts... Happy weekend! Get well soon : )

  3. that is such a sweet little necklace! i hope you and your little guy are healed up quick. the sickies are no fun at all. :(

    love to you both!