Friday, February 22, 2013

little glimmers

elijah came home from therapy less than two hours ago, the house is already in shambles. i love it though, because it means he's here. he was super excited to open his backpack, and i can see why. wouldn't you be chomping at the bit to show off a brand new rubbery green snake? he welcomed his new friend into the family by sharing his fruit snacks. he gave snake a bite, then took a bite himself. times twenty. or however many bits are in a bag of welches mixed fruits. 
my face hurts from grinning as i type this. 
his pretend play? that's a big deal

praise jesus, it's something we've been seeing more and more of. i was super excited about it all, snapped this picture quick, and then the actual zinger of the day happened. elijah asked for a dum dum lollipop, and i was giddy to give him one. well, my little man pipes up with his choice of flavor..."oh, orange is pre-eeee nice" and. he. picked. orange.

you know that feeling that flutters into your heart when you hear "goodnight, woman, this dinner is amazing!" or "such beautiful work, you're a champion" after you've slaved over a project for months and months? what i feel over this little orange choice and color recognition is bigger than that. 'proud' just doesn't seem to do me justice tonight. so, i smile and i laugh, and cry plenty. gratitude and encouragement have me on my tippy toes.

and for you. i ought to be cooking dinner, but needed to tell you.

that thing you're waiting on? i know waiting is difficult. but take heart tonight. the lover of your soul has something good in store for you. it's probably not what you're envisioning, but it's good for you. he knows what we need and exactly when we need it. make a decision with me. this moment is for trusting him, with our futures unknown. with our dreams and hopes. decide now that you'll praise him no matter what. and if your circumstance seems unchanged, trust him. you can grow in grace, in special fellowship that's richer during waiting. keep your face toward him, i suspect he may bless you with little glimmers of his love that will lift your heart and put a song on your lips. snake snacks and orange lollipops are not what i would have asked for, but they were timely and perfect.

light dawns in the darkness for the upright; he is gracious, merciful, and righteous. 
psalm 112:4


  1. praise Jesus!
    when i saw this on IG my heart was so happpyyyyyy!!!
    i know how exciting this is for you!
    my friend has an autistic son and these baby steps are so monumental!
    thank you, God!

  2. my goodness how you can make me cry happy tears!
    right there with ya, momma.

  3. i think all of these answered prayers are pree-ee nice. :)

  4. praise jesus. orange is the best anyway.

  5. So exciting and wonderful! He is just precious. :) Happy Saturday!

  6. This is a perfect reminder for me right now. It is a voluntary choice to praise Him no matter what. Not knowing a future outcome, we wait. We hope. We fear. We try to wipe out worry before it strikes. And we trust He knows best, no matter what.

  7. I'm smiling right there along with you. Pretend play came a long time for our little guy too. It's funny the things people take for granted, yet when faced with such challenges, they are huge defeats and big wins in our world. Go Elijah!

  8. H! Lovely post...found you on Love That Max. I know the feeling! I'm an early intervention teacher, and recently I had a student come back to visit me with her mum two years after I taught her. She has autism, and two years ago had very little language, and very limited social skills. As she came back and smiled at me and told me all about her Grade 2 teacher, and the activities she enjoys, and her friend she plays with...I couldn't stop the tears streaming down my face! Every achievement...big or small...matters. And even more so when it's your own child!

  9. Yay for Elijah! I still remember watching Luke's 1st real pretend play session (at 4!). Every step is so significant. Rejoice!!!

  10. totally know how you feel.
    i'm like, everyone! did you just see that??
    i mean, it's normal for your kid but not for mine. and she's getting it!
    good stuff.

  11. Um that waiting part of your post? I'm catching up on your blog and ran right into that that smacked me upside the head. Thank you, Hannah, you don't even know how much. Love you bunches! xoxoxo

  12. i have been following you on instagram and just now am reading your blog.
    thank God for you and your precious boy.

    also, thank you, times infinity, for the last part of this post. you'll never, never know what it meant to me, but know i surely thanked God for you and your heart this morning.

    blessings ♥