Tuesday, February 12, 2013

i like these things

the book of psalms in the message translation is one of my favorites.
i love to have it handy when i'm reading the psalms each day. 
if you'd like to give my method a try, check it out in this post! 
reading familiar verses in a translation you don't normally use is refreshing. 
i'll read in my favorite english standard version text, then scoot over to the message 
or the new living translation for a new perspective. give it a whirl.
the word of god is alive, and there is much to glean each and every time we soak it up.

for my birthday, my sweetie sister gave me a gift certificate to stickygram
you connect your instagram account, choose your favorite photos and bam! 
magnets for your fridge arrive in the mail! in related news, i also love postalpix
for ordering prints from my instagram feed.

my cutie friend aly has re-opened her blossom & vine shop this week. i'm loving my new prints!
these three scriptures are some of my favorites, so encouraging to have them in plain sight each day.
others i love from her shop are this one, this and oh, this one! i hope you'll stop by her shop 
and pick up a few for yourself or a friend. nothing like giving the gift of the word.


  1. I LOVE reading different translations. I always see something different. There is a website you can go between all the different versions for each verse too!

  2. Love the magnets- I'll have to check stickygrams out! And LOVE Aly's prints :)

    1. they are lovely! and yes, stickygram is so neat, probably be my "go to" gift now!

  3. i have actually meant to ask you about your reading method of the Psalms. i always always love that you send an encouraging verse to me from there every single time. so, here's to adopting your method!

    1. girl, amen. it's seriously one of the greatest things my dad did for me, showing me that method! xo

  4. I don't know how I didn't know about postalpix or stickygram but I'm so excited to know about them.

  5. Thank you for His Words of encouragement this morning ... they were just what I needed to start my day.

    Love, love, love your blog!

  6. love your word and your handwriting? um that should be a font.!

    love the insta magnets! thanks for the link!

    1. haha! you are funny.
      hope you get some magnets, they are the jam!

  7. beautiful prints!! you make me want to put washi tape on my walls.

  8. oooh, the stickygrams look like a GREAT gift idea. super cute!