Tuesday, January 29, 2013

when skies are grey

we enjoyed a little heatwave for a couple days. the twenties feel hot after -40 wind chills.
the forecast looks like we're getting back to the regularly scheduled frigid temps. 
and my sweet sunshine has nearly vanished. praise the lord, i'm mostly avoided the winter blues. 
with so far to go yet, i'm grateful this reminder.

i shared this post on beautifully rooted last year. since we're no longer sharing new content,
i thought i would repost some of my contributions from there. and this one is perfect for me right now.

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what makes you happy?
encouragement from friends is one thing. my husband and his ridiculous humor.
the way my son lights up at the sight of a cupcake. coffee. colorful quilts, made by my mama.
a fresh beat to step to. dark chocolate.

what about when trouble comes? where's the happiness in that?
can it be found in an autism diagnosis?
can it be seen when you mess up, and sin big time and put your family in a hole?
is it felt when you lose your baby? those are a few places that god has provided me joy.
there is a happiness that can weather any gale. this joy is the fruit of hope.
and that hope is in christ jesus.

there are scriptures in 2 corinthians where paul says, 
things were rough for paul when he wrote that. he found peace, and was able to rejoice 
especially in suffering, because he believed the god of all hope. i want to imitate christ like paul did. boy, 
do i have a long way to go. i've already had many opportunities to test this truth of scripture. 
to see what this joy is all about. how durable is it really?

well, it's deep and firm. it's not superficial. this happiness in jesus is more than durable. 
it actually increases in adversity and distress. this is what i'm learning. being in the thick of gripping onto grace so tightly that i lose my breath. when i feel beaten down, physically, emotionally. defeated and discouraged. i cry to jesus. and he hears me. "i sought the lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears. those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed. this poor man cried, and the lord heard him and saved him out of all his troubles.the angel of the lord encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them." 
my circumstances cannot control my happiness when i am trusting jesus. when i am fixed on him.

i do not grieve as others do. i have hope. he reminds me of my hope. 
the hope i have in christ because i am his
in him is the happiness that can be enjoyed in the midst of my grief and suffering. 
because down deep, underneath that trouble, there is the strength of my creator. 
holding me up. giving me confidence and joy. the truth that it.is.well. 
jesus makes me happy, when my skies are grey. even when i am unsure there still is a sky at all.

is it always easy to cling to him? no.
do i often weep so long and fitfully that i get a headache, and the tears actually run dry? yes.
have i asked my sovereign lord, why the heck me? yes.
do i believe that he hears me when i call him? i certainly do.
and i believe he gives me joy in my trouble.
he lends me smiles when i have not a one of my own.

i want to encourage you, to read and read. search out scriptures on joy in the lord
the word is brimming with it! it's impossible to rejoice on our own
it's a fruit of the spirit, not a natural response in our human nature. ask the lord to give it. 
ask him for happiness in him, in all things.


  1. Thank you, Hannah. Working on this also in trying times : )
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. this makes me so glad. because you have tasted that the Lord is good - in ALL times. i get so tired of this world and how it tells me to find joy in things rather than Jesus. thank you for reminding us all.

    1. YES. i'm glad too, for the truth of real joy and its never-ending supply through HIM. he shines in our darkest night, so merciful and sweet! xo

  3. So timely!

    I'm learning to find that joy that filters in while you're clinging and trusting.

    So much grief in this world - it helps to know that He created us for Joy too.

    1. he did, he created us for exactly that. JOY! xoxo

  4. The Lord is indeed good and faithful in all times. Appreciate your words!

  5. so grateful for the hope we have in Him. i'm wondering if your mom would make me a colorful quilt. cuz those make me happy too.