Monday, January 21, 2013

thoughts from hibernation

we're enjoying the days and nights together over here in the frozen tundra.
our weekend was spent in full hibernation mode.
it's ridiculously cold out, and cabin fever is burning us up.
grateful for family, electricity, netflix, good books and cheesecake.

speaking of cheesecake, i gained back the two pounds i lost last week.

but this week. there will be less cake and more lemon water.
less whining and more smiling. plenty of laughing and no sass talking.
i mean, it's hard to believe, but sass talking is my native tongue.
visiting with my mom while she's here and enjoying my husband being home from work.
this week will be great.

when the year began, i had big plans to start a new bible study. 
january is nearly closing up shop and i've yet to settle on something. 
any suggestions for me? considering this (friends say it's great!) and maybe repeating this.

elijah's off from school and therapy today! 
taking it easy is my favorite, but it's so important for us to keep his days structured no matter what. 
this is sometimes easier said than done.

speaking of structure, i'm working on getting better organized.
this includes closets, cupboards, dressers, checkbook, blog, shop...nothing is safe.
i sorta lost my mojo these last few months, and it's time to reign it in. organization.
in my home, and in my heart. it could even be called a "new year's resolution".
but i don't make those.

i've been a fan of this shop for awhile, but only recently noticed this print
working on that.
when i think of what lies behind, i want to think wisely.
dwelling on the past "what if" and "i wish i would not have" is unproductive and exhausting.
i want to only think on it long enough to see areas where i can pray and work toward improvement.
just enough thought to see the goodness of the lord. and how he kept me.
by the grace of god, i want to glean wisdom from yesterday. 
the winter season can be tough. it can be a prime growing season for despair. 
praise jesus for his light! 
shining brightly and reminding me that joy and gratitude can bloom even in the most frigid spells.
i choose to see that when i look back, and as i face tomorrow.

linking up with carissa today, join us!


  1. Yes! those studies look goooooood and... I just finished Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst and I can't sing its praises enough. Did this as a group study but will read it over and over (DVDs are great as well)

    1. oh, i just started her 'made to crave' devotional on youversion today!!
      will look into that one! xo

  2. i'm trying to get my home more organized too. little steps. I love that MLK JR quote!

    trish @ tales from...

  3. I'm busy trying to organize too. So much easier to focus when all the clutter is out of the way :)

  4. Cabin fever ... yeah, we have it over here, too, because it's freezing here AND because we've been sick. GET ME OUT.

    Love that print and love that MLK quote. Also, love the little blog tweaks you made. :)

    1. tricia, thanks so much.
      and yes, MUST.GET.OUT.
      hope y'all are felling better! xo

  5. I am wrapping up a Beth Moore study on the book of James. It has been amazing! Seriously kicked my butt and made me wonder if I was even saved!! That's sounds too harsh and if I were you with that recommendation I would run my lil hiney the other way, but I know you are up for the challenge girl! Xo
    Oh and cheesecake is now on my brain, so thanks for that!
    Love that quote from MLK ;) one of my all time favs.

    1. oh, yes. finished that one in the fall. AMAZING.
      and heart checks like that are good for us, noel. truth.

      love you!

  6. i'm giggling about sass being your native language. :)
    i know the feeling well, but your attitude?
    positively inspiring!

  7. I LOVE Kensie Kate. Isn't she incredible? And so young... wow.

  8. I wish you were my neighbor. I'd do a Bible study with you...and eat cheesecake. But not this week...this week I'm being healthy. ;) I just received a couple suggestions on book studies this morning...Jerry Bridges' The Fruitful Life and Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I'm thinking of starting one of those. I'm also just finishing up Holding on to Hope by Nancy Guthrie, and I have been richly blessed by it. It's about suffering and, so good. Happy Monday!

    1. i love nancy demoss!
      can't wait to check these out! xo

  9. love that mlk quote.

    and i totally get the sass thing. i'm really the worst about it with my mom and sister. isn't that awful.

    praying you enjoy your week with mom and cheesecake is totally allowed when honey is off of work. it's reason to celebrate. but, i've also heard cinnamon and coconut almonds are great tasty snacks to fight hunger. i'm buying some if i can ever remember too. (i struggle with organization big time... i make a grocery list but then forget it at home... like every single time).

    anyways. you encourage me, you do!

    1. oh man, yes. worst with my sis and mom, too!
      LOVE you.

  10. we've been in hibernation mode as well.. pretty much the entire month
    since baby #4 was born. i'm scared to go out alone with 4 kids so
    it's all good with me if we just stay in the house. the kids.. not so much.
    i *thought* i pretty much organized the house before the baby arrived.. but it all seems to be a big mess now.
    hope the weather gets better for you (i don't know how you do it).. and you're able to get out :)

    1. we've gotten out a bit, freezing, but worth it :)
      that's how it goes for me, i realize that i'm not as organized as i thought.
      love ya, hugs to that sweetie baby girl!

  11. steps by steps....i would love to have a bible study with you and have coffee or tea....i will pass the cheesecake. lol

  12. hibernation with cheesecake sounds good!

    i've been through the esther (book of esther-ogen) study. it was full of grace, and like all of beth's studies stirring.

  13. everrrrrry morning i want to clear out my closet shelves and organizzzzze. one of these days i might just do it. :) and stay warm out there. :)

  14. Such a great quote. I don't know how you do it with the cold. Hang in there!

    1. i love the quote.
      and we don't have a choice haha! it's growing on me :)