Wednesday, January 09, 2013

recount the history of your life

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i have to be honest. i have no idea what day it is.
the holidays and new year have me all mixed up.
also, i've been not eating candy and cookies all day, that's a big reason for my confusion, i think.

i've been thinking about so many things in these first days of 2013.
making lists of 'need to do' and 'hope to do' things.
i've also been writing down some answers to prayer, and lifting up new ones.
thinking about my word for this year, really living like i believe i am secure.

so. in writing my thoughts down, i see so much to be grateful for.
i know i say it all the time, but keeping track of what the lord is doing in and for you?
it's a game changer. holding him to his word, remembering his goodness, putting on gratitude...
joy comes from this.

i shared this post on beautifully rooted last year. since we're no longer sharing new content,
i thought i would repost some of my contributions from there. and this one is perfect for today.

>>> <<<

i've been keeping a journal since the fifth grade.
the contents have evolved over the years.
from how changing my name to anastasia is really a priority,
to details about how my parents are ruining my life,
to who i kissed on the beach at summer camp,
to my thoughts on how the lord is working in my heart and life right now.

the reason for my journaling has remained the same:
i want to remember.
more than just not forgetting, remembering.

my records are thorough. a few things i know from my books:
i am a wretch of a sinner, so in need of my creator to make me new every day.
emotions often take over my responses.
sometimes i'm completely crazy. or angry. or hateful.
i am less stubborn than i once was.
compassion comes easier for me now.
sometimes i'm fighting god's will with great determination.
other times i am humble and teachable, trusting jesus.
i hurt for others. i've been hurt by others.
i seem to make the same mistakes more than a few times.
i've kept pet sins and committed blatant public ones.
i've forgotten prayer and to be grateful.
i've repented and known the unconditional love and forgiveness of the father.
he's traded my confusion for understanding. my anxiety for his peace.
i've been stripped of my comforts, and been given new directions.
i've felt greater pain than i ever imagined possible.
my shattered dreams have been scooped up and given new life.
i've known amazing grace, and incredible joy.

these fine points of my refining are key to my future refinement.

that's a mouthful of truth right there.
the providence of god in my life. in the delightful, in the tragic,
the celebrations and in the deepest sting of loss-he has been here.
in all of it. working in and through me. this is what i want to remember.
even more, i have learned that it displeases god when i fail to recount his works in my life.
anything that displeases him, that is called sin. so, i seek to remember. i write it down.
some on my blog, most in my books. for review. i always need a refresher.
reviewing the mercies of god. reviewing the history of my life.
meditating on the works of the lord in me.

i will remember the deeds of the lord;
yes, i will remember your wonders of old.
i will ponder all your work,
and meditate on your mighty deeds.
{psalm 77:11-12 esv}

i read once about the beauty of a star.
if one star is such a sight to behold, what is a constellation?
so it is with the many graces of the lord.
if one mercy is such a comfort to me, why not recount them all together?

filling my thoughts with his faithfulness, this makes my burdens light.
when i remember those sweet triumphs and even the bitter providences, i find joy.
he carried me through! this gives me hope for my current struggles and exhaustion.
meditating on his goodness and provision. my history. my story. his story.

if you've never kept your history, it's never too late to start.
just begin at the beginning. today. create a habit. carve out some time this week
to sit down and write about what god has been doing in your life. meditate on it.
praise jesus! remember old lessons, learn new ones. recite your history. 
i know that even thinking on one single bit of grace will thrill you and bring you closer to the king.

so, go ahead, draw out the sweetness of his past mercies and let them give you joy right now.


  1. Wow, great words.
    And so, so true.
    What an awesome idea of having a journal for so long. I am envious. I don't journal much, it seems like there is never enough time.
    What if I were to start now, continually?
    Hmmm...I think I might have to give it a try. :)

    1. yes, verna!
      and it doesn't have to be every day, sometimes that can feel overwhelming to "have to". just keep a notebook handy-and jot down a sentence...a dream, scripture, prayer etc. whenever it pops up.

      love you! xo

  2. love this Hannah.
    even this week, suffering new years blues, recounting my life the last few weeks on my blog reminds me of His Goodness.
    writing prayers in my neglected prayer journal this morning helps me remember those I love, and actually helps me to love them more (because, man do i struggle in loving people).

    thanks girl.

  3. Thank you for the necklace!! Love Love Love and my daughter is excited, too - she looooooves owls : )
    Actually, this necklace and the baubles on it will be representing my babes I lost - twins and another baby. I am dragging today over loss and your gift was such a surprise of goodness. Thank you
    This post is pretty remarkable, too. Don't stop.

    1. so glad you shared, kerry. been praying especially for you!

  4. ...and your post reminds me lots of the book of Habakkuk!!

  5. i love keeping a faithfulness journal where I recount God's faithfulness in my life. It's incredibly helpful during trials to look back and see God's loving faithful hand! thanks for sharing this it's made me want to get into my journal even more.

    1. yes! remembering his goodness is the key to JOY.

  6. I wish I was better at journaling. At writing down prayers and answers to prayers. I'm hit and miss with it. I know there is plenty to record and I know it would be a blessing. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. hit and miss is ok, girl! the more you do it though, the more you'll do it :):)

  7. I've journaled for a long time but rarely ever look back, I wonder why? I love your reminder, and it is so important to remember and reflect what The Lord has done. I think was the biggest issue for the Israelites. They were always forgetting, Lord help to be a remembering people!