Wednesday, January 30, 2013


remember when i said i was in a foul mood the other day? here's what turned me around:

i was challenged on instagram to share five photos in five days of 'light'.
the sweetest friend thank you, lesley! who called me out had no idea 
what this tiny little project would mean to me.
attitude adjustment city.
sadly, i almost didn't participate. light photos? in january? in north dakota?
then. it hit me, and by it, i mean the forceful whisper of the holy spirit.
look for the light, and you will find it. look to me.

when skies are grey here, my heart can still feel the sun. 
when winter knocks and the light flees, there is grace.
the lord gives me eyes to see him and his glorious light in the midst of whatever.
whether it be a gloomy blanket of clouds weeping snow, or a breath of despair in my circumstance.

it is you who light my lamp;
the lord my god lightens my darkness.
psalm 18:28

practicing what i preach, friends. what i believe.
here are five shines of 'light' from the last five days. praise jesus.


  1. Oh goodness! How incredible! Isn't it amazing how God goes up in the most unlikely places? I just loved seeing your takes on light but I love it even more that you saw the true light! Thanks for participating & encouraging me!! Love you.

  2. This is lovely, Hannah! So glad you listened to the Lord's prompting and that He gave you what your heart desired--in ways you weren't even expecting.
    May tomorrow be light filled too!
    Love from,

    1. greta! yes. he is so good.
      love to you, dear one! xo

  3. I love this. And the reminder to look is just what is needed today. I miss so much goodness, so much of God when I'm not looking. I want to keep eyes wide open too.

    So glad that God showed you his light, praying he does so even more!

  4. So great, Hannah. Thankful you were able to see the light in unexpected places.

  5. i'm with the above darling commenter. ;)
    i love how God uses others to reveal His light to us...especially on dreary days.

  6. Dontcha just love when He swoops in and rocks you! Extra special when He uses a friend to help :) Love how you searched for the light...something we must do every day. I will think of this next time I find myself down in those gloomy doldrums again!

    1. he is the king of swooping in this way, love it. sending you smiles and sun, my friend! xo

  7. love. sometimes i choose not to look for the light. i feel entitled to my dark pity party. it's amazing how quickly the light illuminates when i allow embrace it.
    so glad you did, friend.

    1. oh yes. why do we do that? choose the pity party?
      praise jesus for drawing us out. love you, denise!

  8. beautiful thoughts and pictures. He truly is the light, exposing all of our darkness and sin. Helping us find the way back to Him.

    1. he is. and he does indeed. so grateful. love ya. davi!

  9. Beautiful glimpses of Light, sweet girl : )

  10. i wait all year for those dang heart candies. obsessed.

  11. hannah girl. i adore your pictures.
    your perspective in them.
    what they capture.

    and even more, i love YOUR perspective on the project.
    your heart. it overflows, and i feel fortunate to catch a little bit of that from you.

    love you.

    1. thanks, kim! god is so patient with me.
      love you!