Thursday, January 24, 2013

happier than elijah with a french fry

i'm a proud mama. 
we met with elijah's autism program team, 
to go over his progress in aba therapy so far.
sitting still for an hour is super difficult for me. two hours is just ridiculous. 
i hardly noticed the time though!
because i was overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness.

to the lord, above all. and to the team he's provided for our boy.
psychologists, interventionalists, therapists, teachers...people who care.
these people care about elijah becoming his very best, i think as much as we care.
this is amazing to me.

there's still lots of ground to cover. 
many things yet to be discovered about elijah and his gifts.
we are bursting with hope.

praise the lord for an insightful, encouraging meeting, 
and for professionals who spur us on in this journey.
people who know what it's like to be elijah's parents.
how incredibly fun it is. and how exhausting it can be. 

we're celebrating this little victory.
and we started the festivities with elijah's favorite treat. 

praise the lord, all nations!
extol him, all peoples!
for great is his steadfast love toward us,

and the faithfulness of the lord endures forever.
praise the lord!
psalm 117

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  1. PTL Hannah!!!

    And somebody looks rather grown up with that haircut and French fry!!!

  2. That's so awesome!
    Mr. Elijah was made for great things.
    Plus...could he be one ounce cuter?
    What a stud.

  3. So thankful for this boy and his Mama.

    Also, that you share this journey with us.

    And mainly, because you're the best.


  4. This is so wonderful!

    My favorite part was when you talked about discovering more about Elijah and his gifts. Because even though this road has been so, so hard for you, I can see the joy coming from you as you guys grow and learn and change together. What a blessing these hard roads are when they bring us closer to each other and to our precious Jesus.

    So excited for you guys! And I hope you enjoyed these well-deserved fries!

  5. Heeeyyyyy Elijah! So proud of you! also, good to see someone who shares my love of french fries.

  6. five guys.
    new spiffy hair do.
    happiness and faithfulness and love.
    what an adventure.

  7. beautiful, beautiful. so glad for these people in your life! and your smallish guy is such a sweetie--i always wish i could squish him up through the screen.

  8. amazing...way to go Elijah!!

  9. i'm so so happy for you! praise be to God our Father, the giver of good gifts!

  10. Gosh, he's the cutest! Way to go Elijah! Thanks for letting us in on the celebration!

  11. all celebrations should include french fries! so glad for you and your family for God's provision.

  12. I have chills reading this. Chills! Happy day to you and your sweetie pie!

  13. praise Jesus for wonderful news...and YOU!

  14. Praises...also, he is as beautiful boy.

  15. this reminds me so much of redemption. the Lord takes us and makes us into something new. just like He's doing with your boy. oh the beauty!

  16. Thrilled for you! I cannot tell you how often, when I am in the depths over here, I think of you and your sweet boy and feel not-alone. I pray for you guys. Love you, too. :)

  17. My heart is just exploding with happiness and hope for you guys! To have a network of people that care for you guys as much as for Elijah is such a gift. I can feel the hope coming right out of this pics Hannah, and it feels so good! xoxo

  18. French fries deserve to be their own food group. Good for Elijah, and good for you guys. Good luck on the start of this journey to understanding.

  19. God is good. And so are fries. I am so happy for you all.

  20. oh my goodness i'm so happy for you and your family!
    what a blessing. your post seriously got me teary eyed!
    God has great things in store for your sweet one!

  21. what a blessing!! so happy for you all! PTL and enjoy those fries!

  22. It's no surprise others love your boy too. That just makes me smile.

    Just now starting a journey where a teacher is looking for a diagnosis for our boy - and I just want to curl up with him in a corner and never let him hear a word of it. Sigh.

    God is SO good!