Monday, January 28, 2013

around town, blessed and new stuff {miscellany monday}

it's true. we live in a darn cute little town.
if you follow me on instagram, you see a few peeks now and then.
i'm noticing it more lately, and i think it'll be fun to share it here with you more often.
as the weather warms up, i'll be out and about, snapping glimpses of our little slice of paradise.
you know what they say, paradise is in the eye of the beholder. or something.

i was in a sour mood for several days in a row. no reason really. 
i mean, it's been cold, things haven't gone my way, we're out of ice cream...but those are just excuses. 
smiles were scarce and blessings were not being counted. shame on me. praise jesus for a new week!

i'm focusing on this truth:

"you and i glorify god every time we reveal his attributes in the course of our daily lives. 
his glory isn't reserved for a temple of stone or some heavenly vista. 
it can shine out clearly while we're changing a flat on the freeway, or counseling an angry co-worker, 
or lying in a hospital bed, or balancing two crying babies in the church nursery. 
whenever those around us see god's character displayed in our attitudes and responses, 
we are displaying his glory. far from being some spacey concept out of a theology text, 
glory is as close as your next breath, as real as a smile on a dark day, as warm as the clasp of a caring hand" 
joni eareckson tada, from secret strength

this week, i want to be mindful of my attitudes and actions. 
everything i do glorifies something.
may it not be myself, but the lord jesus.

new necklaces in the shop! sweet little clusters of spring.
i have only what's listed available, a limited edition sort of thing.
{and a little fyi, there's a giveaway here and here plus coupon codes!!}

happy monday!

linked up with carissa today, join us!


  1. good reminder.
    goooood reminder.
    thank you hannah. a great way to kick off the week remembering God is faithful, and in ALL of the little stuff. <3 let's glorify him this week.

  2. I always need a good attitude check! I should put a sign up somewhere, "mind your manners christy". haha
    that gas sign is adorable! does it make those cold temps more bearable???
    have a great monday friend :)

  3. heart check should be on my list of to do's daily. i too too often ended up in a frumpy mood.
    Great post hannah girl. what a great excerpt.
    p.s. i think i need to get a job just so i can purchase your shop happys. they're all so GOOD!

  4. it's true, i always do love pics of your town. i love the colors on the necklaces. makes me long for warmer weather. i mean so cal warmer weather, not what you probably consider "warm". lol

  5. that quote is good. so good. and what do you know... kelly told me last night i was in a foul mood all weekend. i'm glad i have a husband that points it out when i don't notice. law. thank God for new days and the blood of Jesus. and you.

    gorgeous necklace creations. you were made to make jewelry. i have always said you're such a gem. now it can have more than one meaning. (end corny mom humor now)

  6. hannah. good post. cute town, cute pictures, good truth.

  7. So true Hannah - and those necklaces are wonderful!!

  8. Hey! We have the same shower curtain :) Thanks for the attitude check/reminder.

  9. Awesome. I have been in a similar mood lately, for no real reason. Maybe winter doldrums? I appreciate the reminder and I love the new necklaces.

  10. I love that you are focused on truth. everyone has bad and is enlightened to one every now and then :)

    great necklaces!

  11. esther posted your joni quote on facebook yesterday (don't hate) and it did my heart good. did it even better to come over and read the whole post... sometimes it's hard to focus on the blessings when life gets in the way, even if it's just the everyday mundane drudgery. but i love your heart, and the way to always bring it back to Jesus. thanks for always being a source of encouragement.

  12. I'm new here, but just wanted to say how much I enjoy your writing. I also live in GF, and your instagram of the familiar gas station sign made me smile. Even though I drive past it often, sadly, I've never noticed how beautiful it is. Funny how that happens. Thanks for reminding me of all the beauty around us.
    Ps. We have the same shower curtain and towels in our bathroom. So fun!

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