Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a few things {grandma, haircut and washi tape}

how about that post title?
i never said i wasn't random.

so. my mama is coming to town. tomorrow.
i'm really looking forward to her visit. grandma cindy is the jam.
we mostly get along these days :)
every time she visits, she is needed
to help out while i recover from surgery, to help out while we go to a conference, 
to help out while my sister has babies...help help help.
sure, she'll be plenty helpful, but there are no plans for her at all this time around.
i'm happy for her! and for us. #funcity

as mentioned yesterday, elijah went for a haircut.

i think it's adorable.
he screamed 'no' throughout, but sat mostly still, so the hairdresser pressed on.
his therapist said he got to wear a buzz lightyear cape to keep the hair off. 
and he chose a sucker for his treat afterwards.
it was tough not being there. obviously a good choice though. 
i think it may not have had such a happy ending with us, you know?
when he came home, he passed out. even though he mostly cooperated for the haircut, 
i know it took a lot out of him. how do i know?
i think the incredible tantrum post-nap worst on record, y'all 
speaks volumes of how 'done' he was after the hair biz.
praise jesus for juice boxes, bacon and a movie with his papa. 
the night finished well. and even with the rough afternoon, today was a victory!
god is good.

and now for a fun little deal!
you may have noticed that i'm a pick your plum affiliate. yes. it's true.
you can snag great deals on supplies you'll use and love and help a sister out at the same time!
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if you are not already a pick your plum fan, today is the day to change that!
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thankfully, i've been able to catch some of the awesome deals posted 
and stock up on...to name a few... treat bags, twine, cupcake papers and washi tape!

i think you need a roll or two.
you could sweeten up some plain jane snail mail, or add extra cuteness to your valentines!
i use washi tape to package my orders, and just about anything else i can think of!
can't wait to hear which colors you snatch up!

happy tuesday! 


  1. I had to get one of each.. so cute!!
    jeneal@ Pieces of Luv

    1. yay! i had trouble deciding, went with the turquoise and tiny pink hearts!

  2. I picked three... 3 kids you know! Hearts, Pink Chevron and Turquoise dots for me. :)

    Also, that haircut... swoony.


    1. woohoo! and yes, i can't stop looking at his cute new hair;)

  3. Love the haircut! Sorry it took so much emotional energy to accomplish it though. Sounds like you are focusing on the bright side of things, which is always a great strategy.

  4. You're cute, so is E, and I need the tape.

  5. I am so glad the hair cut went good! praise god!

    my jude. he strongly dislikes hair cuts. he screams and cries and cries some more.I stopped taking him and the hubs now cuts his hair at home( about twice a year. lol) I dread hair cut time. dread it. I might just grow it out like a hippie ;)

    1. it's so hard to see them so anxious and terrified of it! just let it grow;);)

      love you!

  6. mr. e is looking pretty sharp! he is the cutest of the cute! so excited for your momma to come and hang out with you guys without an agenda, soak it up! i def went and snatched up some cute washi with this amazing deal today. hope you have a great day friend! enjoy the 'heat' wave today! :)

    1. thanks, sweetie amber!
      yep, already up to seven degrees haha!!

  7. Gaaaaa! Another deal website I'll be checking daily! My husband thanks you!

  8. hip hooray. and elijah is quite the looker with that new 'do. :)
    i adore him. and you. and his therapist. and the haircutter.
    that is a whole lotta love for a little trimmy trim. God has given him some good people. :)

    ohhh and that TAPE. :)
    God bless it.
    And you!

    1. he is pretty cute.
      god bless hairdressers, tape and YOU.

  9. He's even cuter now! So proud of him for doing it! And I like that you thanked the Good Lord for bacon :)
    I snagged the washi tape deal right away this morning! Like I "need" more, right? But I didn't have the hearts or any aqua polka dots so I got some of those. Both heart-y kind actually. I just couldn't decide between the two.
    Have fun with your mama! Does Grandma being in town mean a date night for you & the mister perhaps?!?

    1. he IS even cuter now:)
      god is so good!
      and yes, bacon is elijah's favorite food group :)

      and also yes...date nights!!!

  10. Yay for cutie haircut! &
    Totally snagged one of each on the washi tape. Love it.

  11. Sold out... bummer. His hair is so adorable. Bacon fixes most things right?

  12. oh my my my! so that's where you get the fabulous washi tape?!!! maybe i can convince kelly i need some! ; )

    praying for your mama's visit. i hope it's all kinds of wonderful!


  13. Awww, his haircut is adorable! Oh, and I hate post-nap/pre-dinner tantrums. We always have meltdowns around 5:15 and it is so great to hear my husband's keys in the door around 5:30 when I've just about had it ;) Excited to be following along in 2013!

  14. yay for grandma cindy! enjoy your time with her. Elijah is a champion for getting that haircut. handsome man. xoxo