Sunday, December 09, 2012

when it's cold outside

it's a mighty frigid sunday here. once the forecast begins to look like this, i slip into hibernation mode.

sadly, i often slip into a bit of melancholy as well. maybe you can relate.
surprisingly, since living here in the frozen prairie, i've seen much more sun during winter!
and that sunshine, my friends, helps tremendously.
it's a gift that the lord allows the sun to shine so brightly on these blustery days.
we're choosing to be grateful for that today. choosing to feel the warmth and beauty of its light.

and speaking of light, this morning i read from luke chapter one. mary's song of praise.
these verses struck me especially today,

for he who is mighty has done great things for me,
and holy is his name.
and his mercy is for those who fear him
from generation to generation.

what marvelous true words to ponder. 
remembering the lord's faithfulness, 
and that his mercy is for me!

i'm focusing on that. 
letting it be my own song of praise to the one we celebrate at christmas.

as i fight to focus on the glorious reason for this season, i'm also mindful of this:

christmas time can be cold. it can be lonely. it can be hard.
like other special times of celebration,
separation, loss and heartache can really steal the warmth and joy.

having experienced much coldness of heart ourselves, i want you to know that it's ok to hurt.
it's ok to miss your loved ones who live thousands of miles away.
it's ok to grieve the ones we've lost.

it's not ok to let your heart freeze in the pain.

you are not alone.
there is warmth for you, comfort for your soul in this most wonderful season!

and for you sweet friends who know others who ache at christmas? love them well. ache with them.
reach out to them. don't be intimidated if you don't feel you have words to offer.
a smile is a wonderful way to begin comforting someone.

christmas. it's overwhelming, sometimes painful and often very commercialized and crazy.
i hope you'll join me this year, and cozy up to the comforter, the rescuer of our souls.
the prince of peace wants to hold you near. he wants to know you.

{i hope you'll take some time and watch this video, 
and download the story for free here, i love it so much!}


  1. cozy up to the Comforter! i love. i love your words. such rich Truth.

  2. Hannah, thank you for that precious poem. Thank you.

  3. This is good Hannah. Especially for a busy girl like me right now.

  4. you are the sweetest- building up and encouraging the body. love the Comforter, Who resides and pours out of you.

    i pray that you too receive Comfort and Hope this Christmas season.


  5. This is beautiful Hannah. Exactly what I needed.

  6. Such a sweet reminder, Hannah. I always feel a little torn between the joy and delight of the season and the darkness of the nights surrounding it. I am excited to witness the wonder through the eyes of my 2 kids...all the while mourning the baby we were expecting to welcome into our family in January. And exceedingly thankful for God's grace which covers it all.

  7. Thank you for this reminder of the power of reaching out to others who could so benefit from a smile, hug, an ear to listen to their story. This will help me be more aware of how I might be of service during this cold dark time of year. We all have the power to bring light and warmth to another's life. Wishing you love, light and peace!