Monday, December 17, 2012


 me, thirty years ago

blessed be the lord, who daily bears us up;
god is our salvation.
{psalm 68:19}

today is my birthday. i've been heavy-hearted this weekend, so i've been fighting for joy.

one way i'm fighting, i'm thinking about this past year. god's grace, so rich.
it's been strengthening to me to list things from this year that i really love and am grateful for.

i'd love for you to join me, maybe share in the comments something you loved from this year!
here are a few of my things, in no specific order:

welcoming a new niece, sweet hazel day

coke floats with my babe. at midnight

going to an elton john concert

i have the very best friends in the world

editing for beautifully rooted, and making so many sweet connections there

elijah calling me "mama"

opening my shop this summer

realizing that autism is blessing me

a trip with some incredible girlfriends

elijah beginning therapies, and seeing him progress so much already

being open about one of my biggest struggles, and for the support of so many

family mini skeeball dates at the arcade

a quote i loved this year
joy is not an emotion. 
joy is a settled certainty 
that god is in control. 
{greg forster}

continuing with this blog, and the so many ridiculously awesome blessings it brings to my heart

and the list goes on...

i'm grateful for these beautiful, difficult, crazy, fun thirty-two years the lord has given me.
he is so good.

i'd love to give you a little something, since i'm celebrating and all :)

yep. 32% off in my shop. all day.
i can't guarantee christmas delivery, but i will ship tomorrow!

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  1. happy birthday! it sounds like you are living an amazing life!

  2. You just a youngin' girly girl! happy b! ptl

  3. happy birthday sweet, sweet hannah!
    one of my favorite things about this year was meeting new wonderful friends, like you, and losing some of my insecurities in it all.
    God has been so good!
    hope you have a wonderful day..i am so thankful for you.

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday dear friend! I am so blessed to have shared so many years with you and to have grown and improved for having spent time with you. You are a source of joy and encouragement to all who know you and my life is forever better off having been led to you. Love you and wishing you all the very best! xox

  5. Happiest birthday to you, friend! Praying you have a wonderful day and a fresh reminder of God's continual goodness in your life today!

  6. birthday blessings, precious one! xoxo

  7. You are amazing! Praying that this year will be even more full of blessing and intimacy with Jesus than the last. Happy Birthday, sweet friend!

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  9. your life is beautiful - you are a light and a delight! and that joy quote is absolutely perfect. we look for joy so often in all the wrong places. yet He is there ready to give us an immovable joy. amen.

  10. oh hayyy. and YAY. :) happy 32nd. i hope it is AAHHH-mazing. :) you make 32 look so good i can't wait til it's my turn. :)

  11. Happy birthday, Hannah! I had never read your 'biggest struggle' post, and whoa, did it hit me where I'm at right now. You're right about God being gracious...and I look forward to fully leaning on Him to cover my sorrows, joys, and so many other emotions that I get stuck 'eating'. Hope you are able to enjoy your special day.

  12. happy birthday, beautiful lady. just fyi, your blog is a huge blessing to me. so, on your birthday of 32 years, i'm thankful for you. hope this day is simply wonderful.

  13. love this list! happy happy happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. sweetest hannah! WHY can't i be where you are and bake you cupcakes??

    feel better and thank you for the sweet gift:)

    love and blessings to you all!

  15. happy birthday beautiful girl! thanks for sharing your heart. i just read some old links you put up and was blessed by them.

  16. Happy Birthday, sweet friend. I love your list, I hope all your desires and wishes come true this year. :)

  17. Ahhhhh, so wonderfully rich and sweet. Enjoy you every time I read : ) HAPPY DAY!!

  18. I have been trying to get over here to your spot here all day to wish my FELLOW birthday girl HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a pleasant surprise. Next year we need to celebrate our day together via blogs. So thankful for you sweet Hannah. Hope your day was all that you wanted it to be, and that this your 32nd year of life will be filled to overflowing with all of God's abundant blessings for you!! MUCH LOVE chica xo

  19. adorable photo of little hannah.
    you do have MUCH to be joyful for.
    praise God for all he has done, and will continue to do in your life.
    happy birthday!

  20. oh hey girl. happy birthday. love the crap outta ya. also, i know it isn't really supposed to say that but let's edit it for the blog.

  21. Happy birthday, Hannah! I pray this coming year is full of hope, laughter, adventure, and much joy! Love you!

  22. i love your life. happy birthday (a few days ago), dear friend.