Monday, December 10, 2012

ten on ten {december}

first things first.

remembered i had some happy jingles that i could add to my shop orders.

double checked my packages and headed to the post office.

today was the best mail day. on the real.
a favorite was this darling ornament from a sweetie friend.

gathered the christmas cards we've received so far and stuck them in a basket.
this keeps them handy for 
1) an instant bit of cheer when i look through them 
2) reminds us to pray for those families

thought about cleaning up elijah's things for him. but i just couldn't. 
i miss him less when they're left as he had them.

quick trip to target for essentials. festive chips are imperative, in case you weren't sure.

made a list of who's getting christmas cards! the trick will be, actually sending them.

filled a candy dish and relaxed. what a gift.

elijah got home from therapy and promptly asked for his 'treat' from the advent calendar :)


  1. Beautiful photos. I am trying to learn to take better photos and I certainly learned from looking at your blog.

  2. Great photos... thanks for sharing.

  3. 1. Jingle bells rock 2. I haven't touched my necklace- yet. 3. Glad you cleared up that festive chips dispute before I went to the store. 4. Those candies are my all time faves. 5. Christmas cards here are a big ? 6. EG is the jam- just like his Mama. 7. Merry Christmas.

  4. great set! Danimals are a necessity here too. ;) And my DD loves those mints. :)

  5. I love Christmas time, it makes for wonderful photos.

  6. all I have to say is...I better be getting a christmas card.
    also, I love you.
    I guess that's two things.

  7. Ummm...I WANT your Bible. What a beautiful cover.
    Your post made me smile. Your day seemed so festive & Christmasy.
    Loved the sneak peek into your day. And, pretty sure I need red & green chips now.

  8. These are so great -- and so colorful!!

  9. Your packaging is amazing. Seriously, it's a present in and of itself! Great set, too. I love those colorful bells and the Bible photo. :)

  10. the Bible photo was my fave.
    super sweet.

  11. Great set!
    I love the way you focus on the beautiful details!!!

    Kisses and blessings.
    (participating from Brazil!!!)

  12. Your sweetness is all over this post. I love each picture...ESV is my fave, yay for cards and prayers for friends, that ornament is to die for, I want that dish that your candy is in, and I'm going to have to find those chips.

  13. love your bible!
    all your pictures are so crisp and clear.
    hope you have a great day friend!

  14. i love that your bible and the jingle bells match.
    i spy a cute card by someone i know.
    i realllllly hope i'm on your christmas card list. :)

  15. Love the idea of using the Christmas cards for prayer. It'll be good for my little one to be able to see the photos of people he is praying for. Thanks for sharing!

  16. i love love all of these pretty pictures. that journal totally belongs with your bible. i have the same bible but mine is brown (trying not to be bitter). and that ornament? priceless!!

  17. Great pictures! Looks like a good day.

  18. hannah. not even close to getting caught up but i had to catch a breather so i went to your blog & kim's blog. these are some badass pics you've got going on here. hot damn, girl. those candies are the BEST things i've ever had in my life. i love you.

  19. just popping back in to see if i should be embarrassed of myself or not. probably. we'll see if i feel that way in the morning.