Thursday, December 20, 2012

"isn't there anyone who knows what christmas is all about?"

last night as we drove the long way around to get patrick from work, 
we found some pretty christmas lights to admire. 
elijah seems to especially like anything that looks like a christmas tree. 
i got a pretty big kick out of this little exchange:

me: "eg, look, more pretty lights!" 
eg: "pretty lights!" 
me: "do you like them?" 
eg: "like them." 
me: "i sure love you." 
eg: "transformers."

i laughed so hard. he didn't say "i love you" back to me. and that's ok. i want that of course.
i have hope that one day we'll have that gift of hearing an "i love you" response more consistently.

i've been thinking about what i want, to thirst more for the giver rather than his gifts.
our advent readings, particularly our time in the jesus storybook bible
have been such a wonderful way to help focus our hearts on christmas.
there are so many distractions! good things, fun things. 
but still things that can muddle my view of christmas.

i love cookies. i love decorating. i love taking my time and wrapping gifts extra special.
i nearly had a fit because i hadn't gotten to my christmas cookie baking. 
praise the lord, he freed me from that. i felt his his nudge to just. let. it. go.
those things do not really matter. i always thought those things made it feel like christmas.
and i think they can. but maybe only when i know christmas in my heart?

it's been quiet this week. i'm overwhelmed with many things, burdened with some.
knowing that there are so many hurting people, and those who don't know the christ of christmas.

i want to see him fully, reflect him fully, share his good tidings of great joy!
he came to rescue us from our sin and sadness.
he came to be with us.
and as we anticipate christmas, i think about how we anticipate his coming again.
to make all things new.
and that's what i'm excited about.
how about you?

"what i want most for christmas this year is to join you (and many others) 
in seeing christ in all his fullness and that we together be able to love what we see 
with a love far beyond our own half-hearted human capacities." {john piper}


  1. This is a really good post Hannah. I want the same things too.

  2. Okay, now I am EXTRA humbled you would take time out of your own busy life to come over to MY PLACE to wash dishes, put my kids down to nap and let me shower. WOWOWOW. you are really like an angel.

    love you and thanks again!!!

    -lil sissay/linnea

  3. Yes, yes! "he freed me from that" Amen! I'm free too!

  4. me too hannah.
    must remove the distractions, and focus on the true Christmas - of Jesus, God's son, coming to EARTH!


  5. this post is such a wonderful reminder! it is so hard to let go of all that stuff that is truly lovely and enjoyable but that still serves as a distraction from what the true purpose and true joy of Christmas is all about. i really tried to let go of all the crafts and activities and things i felt like i had to do each day with advent last year and this year we are solely focusing on talking about Jesus. it is hard to let go of the overall busyness of the season because it just comes with the territory, but it has been sweet to focus in each evening on the most important reason we celebrate Christmas at all. i am even more excited for next year thinking of new ways we can honor Jesus even more with our actions and thoughts and choices next Christmas season.

  6. hannah, thank you so much for this post. I been craving of more of him and less less more of me. This christmas i been focusing on giving more of what I am gona get. plus craving to be close to him and getting things right in order before Him. felz navidad friend!

  7. What a great post. It has been a while since I dropped by. I hope you and your family had a wonderful day yesterday and continue to bask in the season.

    Happy 2013!

  8. This was a such a great post! Wish I had seen this last week but I was away from internet. I hope y'all had a truly beautiful Christmas!