Wednesday, December 12, 2012

christmas cheer // a giveaway and a sale, yo!

12/12/12. i'm no numbers whiz, but i do appreciate fun things like today's date. do you?

it's cold, y'all. 
i've busted out my crazy hat. and if you think i'm wearing it out and indoors?
you'd be correct.

praise the lord for tea kettles, coffee pots and fuzzy blankets.
these are key ingredients to a smile on my face and keeping things warm around here.

other key things:

listening to christmas music while i cook, bake and clean. 
ok, maybe cleaning is a tiny fib, because i've been avoiding that like it's my job.

getting jewelry orders from men, shopping for their wives.

elijah's giddy face when he comes home from therapy, to a lit tree and advent activities.

christmas movies.
you know how some folks can only sleep with a fan on? that's me. 
similarly, this time of the year, when the temps drop and the gloom threatens, 
i can only survive with christmas movies on in the background. so i have one on atalltimes.
spiritual? maybe not. dramatic? yes.

i could go on, you know. christmas cheer is my very favorite variety of cheer.
i'd love to hear what your favorite fun things of this season are!

while you're thinking, how about i show you a few goodies that one of you can win!?

i'm guessing you have a few packages to get together.
i love cranking up some festive tunes, sipping a holiday bev and getting creative.

so i'd like to give one of you these little goodies, for some christmas cheer!
third day christmas offerings cd
$5 starbucks gift card
15 yards of twine
2ft each of green, gold and silver washi tape

giveaway closed
winner is verna!
to enter this giveaway,
leave a comment on this post!
share this post on twitter, facebook etc. for additional entries 
separate comment for each

giveaway ends quickly, on friday 12/14 at noon central! 
random winner announced right away so you can get this package fast!

lord willing, on friday, i'm hoping to share my gingerbread cookies again.
last year, i was so rude and never posted the actual recipe. #suchaproblogger

speaking of gingerbread...

use promo code GINGERBREAD for 20% off 
ends friday 12/14
that's the last day for christmas orders, kids!

is your purchase a gift? tell me in the 'notes to seller' section! 
i'm wrapping things festive, and am thrilled to include a note!


  1. I'd love to win!

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway.

  2. Okay, now that is adorable! What a cool way to give washi tape - on little wooden spools. I love this! :-)

  3. Awesome giveaways! Today (12/12/12) is a special day because it is my due date for my first child! Merry Christmas

  4. :-> Love it, Hannah! So glad to keep up through your blog... :->

  5. I really hope I win-hope your doing well Hannah! Merry Christmas-

  6. Christmas is my very favorite time. I love everything about it!
    The pretty packages, the twinkling lights, the smiles all around.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. :)

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! Love it all!

  8. this is our third winter being back in minnesota...and i always dread the end of summer, and the impending winter. but then christmas time rolls around, and all the memories of growing up here, and the new memories we're making with our own kids, and cozy blankets, and puffy coats, and cups of cocoa/coffee, and the beauty of a fresh snowfall, and i realize it's all A OK! and, summer WILL show up again, sooner or later! :) adorable stuff, like in your giveaway, help cheer things up, too! thanks!

  9. That is a fun giveaway! What a special little collection of things. Also, what are some of your favorite Christmas movies? Just curious. :)

  10. I am loving the necklaces you have recently added! Such sweetness! Stay warm :)

  11. YAY!!!!! fa la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Happy wednesday sweet friend hannah!

  12. nerd alert.
    are you ready for it?
    today is the last day in our life times that we will have a triple date. unless, in my case, i live to be 121.

    pick me!

    where'd you get the washi on a spool? cuteness!

  13. I love everything about the christmas spirit! I really love baking and wrapping presents!!

    p.s. we had cold winters in MO and I am bracing myself. no snow yet, but i know it's comin' :) love your hat!

  14. What a sweet giveaway! Christmas cheer is my fav type of cheer too! ps....I often avoid cleaning like it's my job ;)

  15. i am just above the boarder from you and we are freezing our buns off up here.
    thank you for offering such a sweet giveaway.
    hugs and happy baking!!

  16. Would be totally loving this win!!! Thanks, Hannah! Have a happy Wednesday : )

  17. excuse me but, we are having rainbows over here on 12.12.12.
    i mean, if we believed in luck, then, this would be a really big deal.

    pick me. :) love you. overandout.

  18. Merry Christmas! What a great giveaway :)

  19. First off I have to say when I saw that pic of you on IG the other day, I was like OH Hannah honey you look adorbs!! yes, I said adorbs!! Cause I'm a dork that likes to spread Christmas cheer too, so I say things like adorbs as a grown almost 40 year old woman, just to make YOU laugh !!
    Oh and I am not commenting to win anything, although... I'm not gonna lie I would love to win!

  20. yay! how fun. :) my favorite Christmas Cheer is the lights. All the lights. Every.Single.One.Of.Them. :)

    Barb F.

  21. You're so great.

    I want all those Christmas things!

  22. what a great giveaway :)
    thanks for the chance :)
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  23. I've been wanting some bakers twine for ever so long. It would be so perfect to wrap up homemade Christmas goodies!

  24. This reminds me to add bakers twine to my Christmas list.

  25. I would love to win! I love all of your giveaways.

  26. just fyi, you've made me a washi tapeaholic!!

  27. I need that washi tape... and those cute earrings!

    That pic of you in your sassy hat is fun.


  28. Oooooo...if I won washi tape and twine, I would totally decorate my 2 year old's broken leg cast and be all festive!

  29. 1. you are too adorable
    2. yay for Christmas cheer!

  30. you are the cheeriest!

    is that you in the fuzzy wuzzy hat?

  31. You are such a sweetie to offer your friends a special gift. Merry Christmas! I love you, Aunt Candy

  32. Fuuuuun giveaway! Love it + love you and all your Christmas cheer!

  33. washi tape? I must be too new...but your give away looks awesome!

  34. Thanks for the giveaway! Love washi tape AND third day! :)