Friday, December 14, 2012

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our neighborhood is feeling mighty cozy these days. sure, it's below zero sometimes.
but it still feels cozy. that's magic.

so i had plans to post about gingerbread cookies with icing today. 
i made the dough. and that's as far as it went.
lord willing, next week we'll talk cookies.
i thought i was feeling better, see.

oh. i am so not. i awoke yesterday feeling horrible again. it's like the antibiotics i'm taking are fake.
strep throat will not leave me alone!

so yesterday, with what little energy i had, i headed out to grab some groceries.
i remembered wishing i had a coffee to give the salvation army bell i stopped quick at starbucks.
i pushed my cart over to this jolly soul as he rang his bell in the minus ten air. i handed him the cheery red cup, and popped some cash in the shiny bucket. merry christmas, stay warm! we exchanged. and then we sorta chuckled. about the stay warm part. because, hey, it's hilariously cold outside.
i went on into the store, mostly forgetting what i'd gone there for in the first place.
thankfully, there were huge tins of holiday butter cookies on display. those must have been what i needed :)

the cookies waited for me in my car while i visited the doctor.

you should not be feeling this bad, you need more meds! she said. well, yes. i agree.
i was prepared for a shot of antibiotic. what i was not prepared for was where the shot would go.
not in my arm.
that was less than pleasant.
the good news is, i think the heavy-duty shot to my booty tmi? is working!
i think i may actually be heading toward wellness. praise the lord!

is this the cutest copy of a christmas carol you've ever seen?
it's short on words and long on darling illustration and charm. and i treated myself to it.
it's the season of giving you know :)

my little elijah. oh my heart.
even after long days of therapy, he is a champ this week when we go out to pick up patrick from work.
we sing and play transformers while we wait. sometimes we get french fries :)
i just love him, all bundled up and happy like he's been lately.
sweet nights.

p.s. eleven sleeps 'til christmas

what have you been up to?
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  1. How are you so sick and still so cheerful and cute?
    I just want you to know I've decided to work in the handing out hot chocolate to the bell ringers into our advent activities next week all because of you. If that isn't the working out of Hebrews 10:24 I don't know what is! :)

  2. you have such a dear heart! and i'm so very sorry you've been so sick! :(

  3. You are the most beautiful sick person ever.

    You got a good one with EG. I like him.

  4. I hope you feel better today! What I been up to? Well-thinking snd praying about my soap business. MAking homemade christmas card, cookies and homemade warm meals.

  5. I was thoroughly enjoying your little updates...and then I got to the end. 11 DAYS?! How did that happen??? Oh my goodness. I love Christmas so much but I'm not quite ready for it be 11 sleeps away. And, we totally measure days around our house by 'sleeps' too. I loved that you put it that way. :) Merry Christmas! I'm off to frantically do some wrapping and sewing. Ha!

  6. Wait I thought I was your favorite copy of a Christmas Carol?!!?!?!?!?!?!!? :-) #localcelebrity #actuallynotatall #frontpageofpeoplemagazine

  7. I emailed you to claim the giveaway. :)
    I am so impressed that you are up and about being sick. When I am sick, I just stay in bed and try to forget the world.
    Well, when my kids let me. :)

  8. I am so glad you are starting to feel better! Hugs to you beautiful girl.

  9. i keep thinking i need to sbux some random person this christmas! love that you did already.

    for 6 years our family did free hot cocoa stands at christmas. it's time like these when i wish my kids could be little, and would still enjoy such things. speaking of little i heart all the darling pix you take of your boy. you will be grateful to have those a few blinks from now.

    glad you are feeling better!