Monday, December 03, 2012

a thrill of hope

today is patrick's birthday!
we are celebrating small, but together. oh, how i adore my husband!

i ordered this most wonderful print from sweetie lesley on black friday. best decision ever.
hop on over to her shop, pick one up for you and a friend!
my favorite words from a favorite {christmas} hymn!

we've got our little countdown calendar up...and i've filled it since i took this snapshot :)
i hope you had a chance to make one, it's never too late!
a little confession. i only filled it with candies and trinkets. i left out the activities this year.
however, i do have them jotted down on a calendar, along with our reading plans i mentioned here.
i just couldn't do 'one more thing' this weekend. do you know how that is?

just before midnight on saturday, i pulled out christmas ornaments and our pathetic artificial tree.
don't feel sorry for me, or the tree. we've had great years together! this fourth christmas though, it's our last.
she's a sight. plus. most of our lights blew as soon as i cut them on. so. 
it's another lesson in seeing beauty in the imperfect. amen.
next year, we'll plan on a new tree, and spring for new lights i need at least million lights, y'all!!

we've learned that it's best to do the tree trimming, any decorating really, when elijah is asleep or away.
the less he knows about hooks, tree parts, where it all came from etc...the better. 
he'd want to be undoing and then redoing allthelivelongday. 
bright and early sunday morning, we awoke to a cheerful "WOW!!" and it was christmas, then and there.
he's been inspecting ornaments and identifying what he knows and asking about new things. 
a little more progress to be grateful for. so far, the little fisher price plane from hallmark is the biggest hit. 
oh, and the glass candy canes...that he takes from the tree and uses as walking canes....what a kid.

i'll be taking "real" photos sometime soon. i hope. i know y'all want to see my wonky tree up close.
is your tree up? will you be showing your fun ornaments on your blog so i can see?

we had the joy of attending church this morning, the 8:30 service. ha.
only funny because, i don't really "do" mornings. but, it's the lord's day, not mine.
i think we've found a new place to worship, by the way. praise jesus!

anyway. i wanted to share a video we watched during the offering time.
if you've been around much at all, you know i am probably charles spurgeon's biggest fan. 
well, my dad might actually be. he is my favorite preacher. 
oh, how i wish i could've heard him preach rather than only read his sermons!

please listen, and soak up this marvelous truth. emmanuel!

linking up with carissa today, join us!

and p.s.
no one ever responded, so i drew a new winner for the cutetape giveaway!
christina! you're it, email me today to claim your goodies!


  1. Christmas is the best, isn't it? I adore the picture of Elijah in front of the tree. So stinkin cute!
    Woohoo on finding a new church. It's always nice to finally find your "home."
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Your home looks warm and cozy. Even if your tree is done.
    It still made me happy.

    And Happy Birthday to Patrick!

  3. happy birthday to patrick...and i my dad and i might rival you on spurgeon's biggest fan title. so thankful for him and all he taught!!

  4. 1. Happy Birthday Patrick!

    2. LOVE that print from Lesley!

    3. That video...incredible.

  5. I'm glad you got your tree done. Even at midnight :)
    Happy birthday to your Patrick! So glad you get to celebrate together!
    And so glad you've found a church! Praise God!
    Most of all glad that you shared that video. I loved it and needed it.

  6. So we both said all the live long day in our posts today. Weird. I'm glad I'm not the only one ;) Love you & your wonky tree!

  7. i like your tree with the partial lights. it is memorable... you'll laugh about it for years to come.

    happy birthday to your good man.

  8. your tree is beautiful, and E is precious!!!
    happy birthday to patrick!

  9. That print is fabulous! It's my favorite Christmas hymn as well...and that line just gives me chills. :)

  10. love that song. I might decorate next year while the kids are it was crazy tring to decorate this year! A complete mad house.

  11. I need that print in my life. Like. Now.