Monday, November 12, 2012

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happy monday to you!

let's begin with a super loud praise jesus! for last week's aba therapy success!
we really only had one terrible day. but i'm really glad for that hard spot.
we saw god's faithfulness in real time.
the lord carried us through and now i've got extra hope, and a ready heart.
it's like the lord said "hey, remember? sometimes we do hard things. i've got this. trust me."

basically elijah is a champion. they had a "soft" week of trials with him, 
so it was a not so intense introduction to what his coming weeks will entail. 
he breezed through the programs each day, and one day he breezed through three times. 
he is so eager to learn!

not as eager to cooperate for a photo yesterday, but i kinda like this shot anyhow :)

>>> <<<

sooooo. the necklaces i made for missions? sold the heck out. in a few hours.
supplies are on the way, and i'll have more listed soon. 
if you're excited to support others in this way, keep an eye on the give back section!

this giving back thing, it's the jam.

also, the jam, my friend nic. we've never actually met, but since when has that stopped me?
anyway, you may remember her from her post at christmas last year...well,
nic and her darling family have been called to serve with africa inland mission!

"the owens family will be serving at rift valley academy in kijabe, kenya. 
they'll educate, nurture and disciple the children of AIM's missions team, 
thereby allowing others in their team to live and work in remote or sometimes difficult areas, 
making the hope of christ known all across the african continent."

read more about their plans here!
buy these:

proceeds from these earrings will directly benefit the owens family as they prepare for kenya!

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the happy day project will be a month long affair here, i think.
i didn't quite finish up. left to-do: the thursday project, blessing bags.
i was able to purchase things for the bags, but have yet to assemble them. 
i wish we could fill a million bags. our local rescue mission has been filled to capacity since august.
it's not even winter yet. and may i remind you, we are in north dakota. being homeless in this area must be an incredible hardship. our bags will probably be given to someone hanging around over there. 
or maybe to someone hanging around right outside my own door. 
in addition to blessing bags, we can give a thanksgiving dinner plate for $1.99. 
we can't have everyone over for a meal, 
but we can sure swing a few hot plates during this season of gratitude!
by the thing i noticed while i was on the samaritan's purse catalog page...the urgent need items.
would you please go now and pray how you might help out. 
blankets and bibles are an urgent need items. for some reason, that really bothers me.
maybe it's because we have a house full of cozy blankets and bibles. 
really, check out the catalog, there are tons of great things to choose from, 
like livestock, medical aid, water wells, and christmas treats!

>>> <<<

what are your plans this week?
tomorrow i'm sharing a fun and easy project with ya :)
patrick has off from work today and tomorrow. HOLLA!

linking up this miscellany with carissa here!


  1. I am so glad to hear it's been a good week for you. You guys have been in my prayers for an easy transition.
    And that photo? How stinkin adorable!!

  2. yeah for the mission sales!!

    and yeah to husbands being home :)

    glad patricks week was good! ///

  3. * elijah's week was good :) lol

  4. So glad I snatched up one of those necklaces! It'll make the perfect gift for my New Tribes friend!

    So, so happy to hear the new therapy stuff is going well! Love that picture of him! :)

  5. yay! i'm so glad you had a good week!
    i'm also so excited about your give back section. woo to the hoo. (and thank to the you).

    and AIM is FAB! :)

  6. Oh so blessed you had a good week. Your son is precious. So nice to meet you.

    Blessings to you...♥

  7. yay!! :) thank you!!!
    we've been browsing the samaritan's purse catalog too...definitely want to open our kiddos eyes to our over-abundance and the rest of the world's need.

  8. so glad for your week! and i love you. dearly.