Tuesday, November 20, 2012

coffee break {thanksgiving!} links for you

hello there!

i've been asked often lately "why don't you post links anymore? i loved that!"
listen. i love it too! truth is, i haven't been browsing the interwebs much lately.
but today is our lucky day.

just in time for thanksgiving, 
i've browsed and found some fun ways to help us get in the festive, grateful spirit!

veggies // an easy appetizer and serving suggestion

this bread is amazing!!

thanksgiving crafts for kiddos

placecards // set your table with thanks

festive light

>>> <<<

how are you 'setting the mood' this year?


  1. I just love this free printable! Thanks for the link!! Also, I mentioned your Handmade Holiday Market on my blog today, I really think it's great!! xoxo

  2. such great ideas! i love them all!!! thank you

  3. forgot to add...we made the cinnamon stick candle holders at MOPS one year and i still use mine all the time.
    and one of my favorite memories of table-setting as a child was making place cards. my kids enjoy this now, and it's good practice for spelling, handwriting and adding cute stickers or other embellishments.
    the bloomin' onion bread picture is making me drool :)

  4. we have made that bread a NUMBER of times...my hips are proof.