Thursday, November 08, 2012

a little update {on ABA}

are you participating?

the happy day project is the jam. and i'm way behind on it.
i wrote notes on day one, and i bought cards to give away for day two...
then got delayed in actually giving them. yesterday was going to be a catch up day.

turns out, yesterday was very difficult.

elijah doesn't have school on wednesdays, which makes the day more challenging anyway at times.
we took patrick to work in the morning, and when we came home, we skipped and ran through our building.

all four floors.
elijah is obsessed with stairs. and running. 
the only downside is, running doesn't exhaust any of elijah's endless energy supply.
it actually increases it.
but we often allow a few minutes of play in the stairs anyway. and try to keep up.

after fun with stairs, and catching my breath, 
we came into our cozy apartment and waited for his therapists to arrive. 
by the way, i want you to know that monday and tuesday went amazingly well!
yesterday, well it went exactly as i expected this new therapy to go.

let's do 'long story short', simply because i can't talk about it right now.
i haven't wept that long and painfully in years.
my son did not want to cooperate, and he was a terrified, screaming wreck. 
which made me a wreck, too. i just wanted to say ok!! STOP!! i don't want to do this after all! 
and hold elijah close and kiss his sweet, crazy hair and soothe him with a song.
but we pressed on. praise the lord, that long hour ended and they switched locations 
and elijah did awesome and had a blast for the rest of the day!

that was our first trial in-home. the precious therapists reminded me of that, 
and that these hard times will change, this is only the first week!
i'll be updating more as the days go on.

thanks to all of you who are praying with us. we feel him near and appreciate your love and support!
keep. it. coming.

grateful for this reminder from a sweet friend yesterday:

he who calls you is faithful; 
he will surely do it.
{1 thessalonians 5:24}

that's really all there is to this. 
believing that the lord brought us to this new therapy opportunity, 
and trusting him to carry us through each minute. 

and today, as i catch up on spreading happy, i'm grateful.
for the means to help others, and the joy that the lord has put in my heart when i didn't feel it on my own.


  1. aw sweet precious hannah. so sorry about the painful weeping. that is so tough. i feel for ya. but thrilled that the other parts went so well! hang in there! new stuff is so hard on kids. i will keep your sweet boy in my prayers, as you guys power through on the Lord's strength!

  2. press on hannah God's got this. although i wish i could give you a big hug and tell you what a wonderful mother you are over coffee. love you girl. you all are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. you inspire me to be a more faithful mother. to pour it out. to let Him fill me again. prayers cover you. xo

  4. you will be so thankful you pressed through these hard days.

    you are a brave girl.


  5. More love and prayers from here!
    <3 <3