Monday, November 05, 2012

a few sweet things

in about an hour we'll pick up elijah from school and enjoy some lunch.
then he'll be off to his first official aba therapy.
i'm still excited for this new thing. and i am still fighting anxiety.
satan wants me to fear and doubt, but the lord is clearly before us in this.
and we are trusting him!
this weekend was difficult, not sure why exactly, but we are all out of sorts.
maybe because we all know what's coming?
i'm meditating on these verses from psalm 57.
please pray with us? pray for my cutie boy to be strong and able, 
and for patrick and myself to be patient and gracious and extra super loving!

let's start with the bummer news. 
the pretty snow we had?

it got all warm and forty degrees and now it's mostly gone.
pfft. it'll return soon enough, so chin up, kids.

today is the first day!!

it's handwritten note day, and you'll want to head on over to jeannett's for this:

lindsay at pen and paint created this adorable printable for us.  holla!
so, join us, ok? let's write some notes of thanks or encouragement and spread happy!

speaking of spreading happy,
my friend cory made these:

she sent them to me and i am in love with them.
cutest cards! i'll be writing happy day project notes on them, too!
let's all be sure to pester cory, and tell her to add these fancy cards to her shop!

and while we're discussing friends/happiness/cards/shops...
my sister friend danielle is too much.
she created a christmas card for our family! meep!
i cried. and i can hardly wait to show you.
it's just perfectly suited for us:)
what a sweet gift. and this means i will actually be sending christmas cards this year, right?
she does fantastic custom work, and premades as well. feast your eyes:


i'm telling you. 
visit danielle's christmas card shop today and choose your design!
then you'll be the coolest kids in town.

and speaking of cool kids and shops,
these are coming to bracelets are in my shop:

what do you think?

happiest monday to you!
tell me, what are you looking forward to this week?

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  1. love those bracelets! they are to darling!
    danielle's cards are so perfect and i love them.
    praying for you today as your sweet boy starts aba.
    hugs friend!

  2. 1.praying for eg and all that is to come in the next weeks & months. trusting God to sustain you all!
    2. sister friend danielle is gonna design my xmas card too. so darn excited. you better mail me one.
    3. also I want those bracelets
    4. I miss your face.

  3. praying and i love that photo of the snow...swoon! great cards, such talent!!!

  4. it's gonna be a good week. i know it.
    it may not look like what you think it will, but if the Lord is in it, it'll be good. :)

    love you friend.

    and excited to see your little shop growing! woo!

  5. love you, praying for you all. i miss your face. your many, many faces.

  6. you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers often. i'm thankful that you lean in to Him hannah.
    those bracelets are the biz-naz!

  7. Oh yay! Those bracelets are perfection! I really do love them so much :) Also I wrote myself a note to pray for you and Elijah today & it's a crazy slow day at work so ya'll are getting lots of extra love from Denver today.

  8. Praying for your family! For your little mister and those who will be working with him! This will be a good thing!

    I printed out the Happy Day cards! They're cute!

    In love with the bracelets. I'm a bracelet girl! The second one, the blue & white one? I love it.

  9. I am praying for you guys. It's hard now, but God's got this. And He's got you in the palm of His hand.
    And those are the cutest cards ever! So colorful and uplifting!

  10. i cant wait to see those cards! and bracelets. swoon. have i told you i basically dont take off the earrings you gave me? well now i told you. thanks. love you!

  11. i pray that God magnifies his peace on you and your family.

    i read recently that peace means "made whole" (among other things). i like that. i want that. i want that for you, and for your boy. all kinds of wholeness in Jesus.

    lots of pretty stuff advertized here!

    i'm hosting a give away over at my place. come enter!

  12. sweet cards, sweet cards, sweet bracelets, sweet hannah.



  13. Prayers for eg & you sweet friend.

    Also, love ya.

  14. Prayers for you sweet friend! I dreamt of EG last night. We had a really awesome walk together.

  15. Praying that yesterday went well and was a great start for a blessing filled week.

  16. ABA was a true GODSEND for my autistic son and I pray it will be for Elijah, too!

  17. ABA was an absolute GODSEND for my little guy with autism. I pray it will be for Elijah, too!