Monday, October 15, 2012

what to choose {a note to myself and maybe you too}

sweet gift from my darling friend, from this cute shop

i've been scattered with my time in the word for the last several days. 
i'm way behind in my group bible study, 
and i've been squeezing in little bits here and there from my daily reading plan. 

i feel starved and lethargic.
my spirit and flesh are weak. 

this makes for great difficulty in dealing with unpleasant, even painful circumstances.

the precepts of the lord are right,
rejoicing the heart.
{psalm 19:8}

it seems that if i'm to choose joy in all things, as i strive to do, i need help.
imagine that. 

pain is inevitable,  
but misery is optional. 
we cannot avoid pain, 
but we can avoid joy.
{tim hansel}

when hard times come...irritations, inconvenience, pain, difficult diagnosis, disappointment...
we tell ourselves "it's a season, it'll pass"
well. sometimes that's true. and other times, your circumstance may be there to stay. 
your hard thing may never change.

how can we survive?
we dig into the word, and we eat up every word, we soak in it's rich truth, we feast on the goodness of god.
we grow strong in his strength. we shrink our problems when we make much of him.
our sorrow brings joy when we cast it upon our savior every. single. minute.

choosing joy is a great thing to strive for.
but even greater? realizing that it's the only choice. an imperative to survival and growth in christ.

praise jesus for the choice of joy!

i'm getting in the word today, this joy fight is rough work.
join me? we need each other in this.



  1. thanks for this little kick in the pants! need the encouragement!

  2. Amen, friend. Great encouragement!
    Let's "fight the good fight of the faith." I Tim 6:12

  3. amen! love this!: pain is inevitable,
    but misery is optional. ... so true!!!!!!!

  4. That is a great quote you have there. Ugh how many times I avoid joy!?! My ladies Bible study just watched video session 2 of Beth Moore's James study and this is right on target with it. Thanks, your words are always such a blessing. Hope you are feeling better!!!

  5. hannah i love your words. you are so good. god is good and he speaks to your heart. im so glad you have this space to share your wisdom. thank you for this encouragement.

  6. "my spirit and flesh are weak. this makes for great difficulty in dealing with unpleasant, even painful circumstances." <--- this. YES. so right there with you. And YES, I'm with you on seeking joy.

  7. A hug for Hannah. Blessings in His Holy Name. His calls us to shelter under His wings where it is safe and warm. With love,

  8. Yes! You're so right, and I need to be more in His Word too... I was thinking about a Leeland song: your heart is dry - you need some time to find God- so come on, come on, lift your eyes up to the hills... Thanks!

  9. i love this. so so fitting for me today.

    lately, i can't avoid pain, but my heart so wants to choose joy in spite of it.
    that joy reminds me that "though i am weak, he is strong in me."

    coincidentally, tim hansel began a christian outdoor adventure camp here in our neck of the woods, summit adventure.

  10. loving that quote. need it everywhere.