Friday, October 26, 2012

the great pumpkin

elijah took a trip to the pumpkin patch on monday.
it was a field trip with his cute school. i wasn't feeling so hot. and i missed it.

he had a blast, and even picked out his very own pumpkin.
just last year all pumpkins were "ball!!!" and were treated as such. 
not ideal for our concrete flooring, but it didn't stop the pumpkin smashing.

this year, he calls out "pukmuhnnn!" at the sight of one and smiles really big.
he's been completely careful with his treasure from the patch.
carrying it all over the house, and even including it with his playtime.

it's hilarious.

i put on a movie that afternoon, and elijah carried his pumpkin over toward himself 
and they relaxed there together. until i started hovering and taking pictures with my phone.

he'd pick up his orange friend and move away.

and again.
so i left him alone :)

i've encouraged eg to paint his pumpkin, or maybe decorate it with stickers.
he's not interested. that's what i gather from "NO NO NO" anyway.

we're hoping to make a family trip to the patch on sunday.
i wonder how cold it will be? 

>>> <<<

stop by tomorrow!
i'll be highlighting my favorite items from the handmade holiday market shops!

and there might be a giveaway involved too, just sayin'.


  1. that is adorable.

    i got the pumpkins, they said, "cool," and that was the last they've said about them.

    i enjoy how you delight in this sweet time.

  2. I love these pictures,Hannah. He's loving on that pumpkin in his own way:)

  3. He is adorable. I love that he loves that pumpkin so much!
    We haven't gone to a pumpkin patch yet, and I really want to. My in-laws, and my brothers girlfriend brought over pumpkins for the boys, so we already have three. But you can never have too many, right?

  4. Hehe! That sounds like my kiddos. "Leave me alone, Mom! I don't want another picture taken" I love your shots. They are adorable!

  5. he is one cute little pumpkin. and i love the language progress. ball last year to pumpkin this year? sweet little mind is working. PTL. miss you, friend.

  6. sooo... i was suddenly overwhelmed with the fact that i hadn't read a post of yours in forever...when upon investigation somehow you were not showing up in my feed. what??? that is now rectified. happy days are back..check :) hope you and your little pumpkin are well and having happy days. :)