Friday, October 12, 2012

much too much {insta-friday}

oh, hey.
wouldn't it be awesome if i had a ton of beautiful photos from my lake placid jam?
yeah. about that. i hardly took any. i will shamelessly hoark plenty from my girlfriends though, fret not.

in my defense, i felt mostly near death during my amazing getaway.
i finally made it to the doctor yesterday for fun treats to help me.

believe me, the z-pack is a treat when you have ear and upper respiratory infections. word.

before i headed out for my ridiculous fun adventure, i packed my bags.
i was determined to check no bags and pack lightly. i aced it.

i mean, even if i had the spare money, i wouldn't have wanted to spend it on luggage checks.

during a layover on the way, i was able to stop for some quality time with my old pal, chick-fil-a.
angels sang.

our first night at the cabin, we decided to head out for dinner. 
we found a place on the google machine that looked great. we got fancied up, and drove down the mountain and into town to eat. we were all so hungry, and we saw a cute spot that was closer than our original destination. so we stopped. 
living on the edge, that's how we roll. 
well. we found ourselves at the adk cafe. 
we also found ourselves in the awkward position of being stared down as we stood in a cluster near the door. continuing on the awkward theme, our jaws dropped when the servers asked other guests to get up and move in order to accommodate our party of nine. um. what the heck? and? they announced that they did not accept cash, only credit cards. 
is this america? i think i even asked that out loud
as we sat and looked over the menus, we saw that this cafe is likely famous for its affinity for natural, healthy eating. now, i love greens and maybe would even try smoked trout dressing. but i felt strongly opposed to what was peering back at me from the menu. "earth plate" just didn't make my mouth water. 
since other dining guests had been so rudely moved for us, we felt like we needed to stick this out.
an inexpensive, more delicious sounding option, the artichoke-spinach dip, now that i could eat. or could i?
over an hour later, i learned that my definition and adk cafe's definition of the familiar appetizer were different.
painfully and massively garlic-y different. i don't even think artichoke was involved. 
it was a bowl of pureed spinach. but it had so much garlic, i can't even be sure it was spinach. 
i tried to find a positive note, and it wasn't to be had in the four tiny, crispy, garlic-y bread bits. 
praise be, i'd ordered a stella. and i felt almost full, which is of course because 
"there's a sandwich in every bottle of beer" said a wise woman in my company that night.
i am not exaggerating one bit. every. single. thing. about our dining experience makes me laugh. 
including the mystery of the fries we saw on someone's nearby plate. and amazing flatbread pizzas? 
neither of which were on our menu.

i sure do love my friends.
they conned me into an early afternoon movie.
i wasn't feeling so great, and i hadn't showered. but i went happily in the name of love, and the promise that 
"we'll be in a dark theater! you must go! it'll be fun!"
only, parking was scarce and after searching so long, we missed the movie. 
well now, we certainly can't waste a trip into the beautiful town of lake placid! 
so. we shopped and browsed our hearts out. in the daylight.
not a dark theater. and apparently it was a great day for photos. yep. it was good for me, i guess.
i had a wonderful time with my girls, and i wasn't angry with everyone for too long. :)

beauty everywhere we turned this weekend. loved it so much.

our last night together was spent in the cozy den by the fireplace.
faith story-telling, bonding and loving. it was the greatest evening!

each of us, from such different backgrounds and in varied seasons of life: connected through HIM.
i didn't doubt that these women are my sisters from other misters.
being together for real certainly made it clear.
what a gift these friends are!

my friend laura wasn't able to join us, so she sent along 'flat laura'...can you see her?
we included her in the fun, obviously.

on the way home from our trip, we made a pit stop.
a tattoo stop actually. no photo of a tattoo for me. perhaps next time?! great ink is expensive.
btw you can tell that this artist was legit and cool because of her sweet cat jacket.

saying goodbyes were oh so difficult.
it is wonderful to be at home again with my little elijah grey!!
i missed him, and he seems so grown up!

i am slowly getting my groove back.
really i am not. i feel horrible and the opposite of motivated. ha!

i did get some new beads in. czech glass, and they are pretty.

can't wait to create! i am really hoping to add bracelets to the shop sometime soon!

any plans this weekend?
patrick's parents arrive later today, so i need to get my act together!

i still have spots available for this
if you're a handmade shop owner, 
i hope you'll join me!

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  1. great pics. Hope you get better... Praying for ya!! Mica

  2. lake placid looked awesome. I hope you had a wonderful relaxing time even though sickness tried to disrupt it!

  3. girl. i am SO sorry you are sick! thank you jesus for z-packs. have you tried a netti pot? go to target and get one. it has changed my life and healed me. not even kidding.
    praying for your weekend with visitors!

  4. I'm sorry you're so sick! I second the neti-pot if you don't have one! I have terrible sinus issues and that little thing does wonders!

    When I saw those beads on IG I wondered if they would be for bracelets! I'm a bracelet girl! Wifey Singer bracelets to go with my Wifey Singer earrings? Love!

  5. Ha! Loved reading about your experience at the restaurant, made for fun stories and memories at least :) Hope your meds help you get better in a snap. Enjoy your visitors this weekend!

  6. I saw your lake placid trip on several IG feeds... Look like such a wonderful time of relaxation and bonding!! What a beautiful town too! Hope your feel better soon and have a great weekend!

  7. so many thoughts went through my mind reading this...2 REALLY important ones...I cherish times with girlfriends like that, there's nothing sweeter. and...BRACELETS?!?! YAY!

  8. I cried reading this... sheesh! I must be a mess! I just FEEL how great the bond was between ya'll. And I just KNOW it was a huge blessing. Thanks for taking Flat Laura along :) I know she appreciates it.

    Bracelets. What?! I love them even MORE than earrings!

  9. cozy is the perfect word - that came through in all your grams.
    charging for luggage is just RUDE. i hate that. you are a beast for making it through without having to!

    if i were ever to get a tattoo obviously i would ONLY get it from someone in a denim cut off jacket vest with a cat patch. obviously.

  10. What a wonderful get away with your friends. That dining experience made me laugh.

  11. bummer that you felt "near death" on your trip. it's frustrating to be sick, and not have the ability to "be on," and fully enjoying. but i bet you were loved and cared for by your friends. yo are such an encouragement to so many of us, i hope you got a good dose of what you give to us in Christ.

    had i been there, i would've been the one to get up and say "lets find another restaurant." i'm that way.

  12. What a wonderful weekend. Lake Placid is one of my favorite places! It's beautiful!

  13. ohmygoodness. the ADK. :) LOVE YOU!!

  14. I loved seeing all your photos! what a fun trip! I can't wait to see the new goodies in your shop!

    p.s. I hope you feel better! I am allergic to what ever is in a z-pack...crazy!? Hope it is kinder to you lol

  15. Ahhhh, now the comment on IG back to me about the menu at the restaurant makes sense. What a trip! Glad you had a nice time and I hope you're feeling better soon, friend. Hugs!

  16. Love your green carry-on bag! Where's it from?

    I found your blog via the linkup on Life Rearranged!

    Little Miss Wanderlust

  17. So jealous (in a good way) of your trip.! Glad you made it even though you didn't feel well. Feel better soon, friend. And yeah.. that food sounds earthy alright. haha.

  18. Thank goodness for Stella.
    And I don't know if I could forgive them for dragging me out unshowered ;)
    So glad you had a blast!

  19. Umm, i love this and finally getting to meet you. Hearing your voice,,agh! All of it so great.
    ADK.. had me rolling. And sisters from other misters. You're the bomb diggidy.
    Love you

  20. Oh wow!! I spot several beautiful bloggers I adore and admire!! What a beautiful, wonderful and blessed trip! If you go again, I'd be happy to tuck away in a suitcase, I'd even pay for the carry on portion. ;0)