Wednesday, October 10, 2012

lake placid palooza {a peek}

after girlfriends for dayzzz, multiple flights, layovers and sprinting to make my gates, i'm home.

it was a comfort to know that my darling, generous husband had things under control here. 
patrick and elijah had a blast together and i'm loving hearing all about their fun!

i'm still processing my fun, and weeping a little that it's over so soon.

my time with these gorgeous friends blessed me in ways i didn't expect.
i was sick most of the time, but i barely stopped smiling and carrying on long enough to notice!

i love them so much.

sharing meals and stories with each other, 
sight-seeing, coffee drinking, dessert overdosing, 
and so much laughter. so. much. laughing.

we knew the cabin we rented would be decent, but we didn't know it would be incredible!
massive and beautiful, clean and perfect for us rowdy girlfriends to play in!

the views are still fresh in my mind. such a change from my flat north dakota home.
what a blessing!

i'm so grateful i was able to spend time away and be refreshed.
saying goodbye was difficult for me, 
so looking forward to the next time!

i hope to share more soon, but i'm still sick and playing catch up around here. 
how about tell me what you have been up to?


  1. hannah. i am so glad you got this treat of a weekend.
    i am so glad to hear things went well at home.
    i am so glad to see the beauty in these pictures, including all of those smiling faces.

  2. So glad you are back home safely, and thrilled you had a fabulous time!

  3. so much laughing
    love you even more after this trip
    two potatoes

  4. Loved all y'alls instagram pix this weekend! SOrry you were sick but glad you could still enjoy yourself! How could you not in such great company and beautiful surroundings?!?!?!!

    Welcome home!

  5. The laughter is my favorite part followed closely by all the dessert consumption. ;)

  6. i'm so glad you had this time for yourself to refresh and replenish. good for your soul! i enjoyed looking at the pics on instagram! that cabin looks amazing!!

  7. love it...there are few things more refreshing than special time with the girls. thanks for sharing...feel better soon!

  8. girl, it's hard to be sick and not play catch-up, so take your time! rest up. hope you get well soon and i'm absolutely so thankful for you having the chance to take this trip.

  9. loved following you girls along on IG!
    looks like it was a blast, just what you needed :)

  10. love love love. and miss you, too.

  11. love you. MISS YOU!!!! so thankful for time with you. I seriously am so so grateful to call you a friend, Hannah.

  12. i had so much fun following along on your trip. what a blessing for you all. feel better soon.

  13. i am thrilled for you. so thrilled!

    next time california though, at the bass lake house!

  14. So glad you all had such a great time! I follow several of you and can't wait to hear evryone's stories from this wonderful experience!

  15. so happy to have spent some QT with you Han. you are a wonderful soul. xoxo.

  16. I'm so glad you guys had so much fun! It was fun just watching it all unfold on IG! Praying you feel better soon!

  17. Hannah. I'll pick up where Kim left off. Im so glad you are back.

  18. ok, so i'm the only one who is going to ask about heather & danielle's matching handbags...happy accident or shopping together?

    (glad you had a blast sweet girl!)

  19. Oh, how fun! I can only imagine how thrilling and wonderful this trip was. So happy for you, dear!

  20. this trip looked pretty spectacular. i hate that you were sick but i'm so glad you were able to have a few days and unwind.