Monday, October 29, 2012

happy random monday. yo.

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hey there.
you may notice that i changed my blog design. again.
i wasn't head over heels for my most recent attempt, then i saw that my fancy friend 
carly has a new shop. well, i knew it was meant for me. or something. i mean, these colors.
something you may not know: when i am stressed out, 
doing things like changing my blog look help me a lot. 
also candy. but mostly getting a little creative.

have you checked the free shipping section today? just sayin'
also sayin', thanks a billion. i'm 8 sales away from 200, y'all!
there's a sweet extra happy for that 200th pair of earrings sold!

a few days ago i spent some time writing notes.
a few were finished, most are waiting for me to return.
i have this little helper, see. so writing notes takes awhile sometimes.

speaking of my little assistant...

he has a super difficult time when we drop patrick off for work.
he wails for his papa, and then i start crying because it's the most distressing thing of all time.
another difficulty is, target is in plain sight of patrick's workplace. elijah adores the big red store.

he was particularly upset the other day and i thought to myself, how can i make this better?
well, an idea came to me. and call me silly, but i believe it was the holy spirit 
telling me to give it a try, because he will give us strength.
i took elijah to target. just the two of us. i avoid such things, y'all.
but? it's high time i start getting some more practice in!
so, off we went. just a few minutes inside, choosing little halloween cards for his cousins.
it was peaceful, and even fun. shopping and checkout were a breeze.
i can't wait to take him again this week!

i'm in psalm 119 today. check it out. these verses stuck with me so far this morning:

incline my heart to your testimonies,
and not to selfish gain!
 turn my eyes from looking at worthless things;
and give me life in your ways.
{psalm 119:36-37}

not the best picture. but it actually is the best, you know?
we unloaded elijah's backpack and he yanked this little paper bag scarecrow and squealed.
it was hilarious and wonderful.
i think he likes it a lot. he keeps it with his pumpkin :)

i feel like today is super busy, and each day this week just gets more so!
it was encouraging to see this tweet earlier, from a fave pastor:

instead of all that you have to do today, 
fill your mind this monday morning 
with all god is for you in his son jesus.


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  1. loving your fancy new bloggy design. you are one talented woman! hope your monday is great!

  2. Your new blog design is so pretty! I love it! And I love your post. It's so uplifting and it brings a new dynamic to my day and my outlook. Thanks Hannah!

  3. I am so happy for you that Target went well! And boy does he have good taste!! That store is amazing!! I am in agreement with everyone else, too. I love your new design! :]

  4. Yay for small but BIG victories at the Singer house:) So glad you two had a fun trip to Target. :) Happy Monday girl!

  5. Hi, I am a new follower! I love your shop! Such beautiful jewelery!

  6. kinda loving the new design.
    and by kinda i mean head over heels.

    its ahhhh maze.
    the colors. the design.
    your button is so cute.
    baby elijah in his adoption story button - i melted.
    pure melt.

    happy monday my friend! <3

  7. I love the new design! Definitely made me smile:)

  8. love the new blog design. i need to bite the bullet and pay to have mine done! also, so happy to hear target did the trick! hope your week is great.

  9. Gosh I just love his sweet smilin' face!

  10. our target does NOT say "pay less" on it. at least they aren't lying!

  11. Oh your boy is just adorable! Love his happy face!

    Your blog look awesome lady! And sorry that you are stressed, but being creative sounds like a good stress-buster.


  12. i am so proud of you. i can picture the two of you picking out halloween cards and it's the cutest sight. you are my hero. i mean it.

    your new design is so YOU!!! just perfect!

    girl, those verse hit me hard. i'm writing them on a notecard NOW.

    love you! oh, and also, i got a sweet note in the mail today. you have the gift of encouragement. you really really do. i'm grateful for you. praying God's blessings upon you in big ways for all the big ways you bless me and so many others!!!

  13. Newest follower here! I found you through the Monday link up! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  14. what a sweet post! I love your blog design, it's super cute! new follower :)