Tuesday, October 23, 2012

five-o-rite {halloween treats}

yo. next week is halloween. so this is a fine time for a five-o-rite post.

when i made those marshmallow cuties
i was thinking about what else i could make...we don't have any plans, 
but i love any reason to bust a festive move, ya heard.

here are five adorable and doable little treats to help make a fun day for your family and neighbors!

these look so delicious and super cute. for thanksgiving, too!

dress up a plain cup of snacks. everyone needs a costume, right?

courtney featured a cute monster party. these were my fave.

yum! love those spooky faces.

homemade treats are not allowed at elijah's school. sad face.
these will make a store-bought treat extra fun to give to his little classmates!

what fun goodies are you whipping up?

>>> <<<

email me today to claim your prize!


  1. you do find the best treats my friend!

  2. All of these are adorable, I love anything with candy corn! Yes, it is an addiction :)

  3. SUCH cute finds, hannah! Those little printables are adorable!

  4. homemade treats aren't allowed at my daughters school either! we made mummies out of juice boxes with white streamers and googly eyes..they were a hit ;)

    love these finds!

  5. Mmmm...those shakes look so yummy to me right now(which is ironic since its cold and rainy here in NY) :)

  6. Whaaaaaaaaaaat!?!? I won! This is amazing :) Also I love all your Halloween cuties :)

  7. even though i don't love candy corn, i want to try those pretzel chocolate goodness things.

  8. i'm going to try some of these during my stay-cation!!