Thursday, October 04, 2012

a simple festive treat {pintertest kitchen}

i chose this pin to test today.
the original recipe is here, from she wears many hats!

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i was thinking of explaining why i chose something so simple to share.
but then i remembered that everything i do is simple. or i don't do it
y'all have likely caught on to that as well. anyway.
if i were to explain, i'd tell you it's because i'm leaving for vacation today!

let's get started on this popcorn. gather your ingredients, all three of them:

9 cups popped popcorn 
{i used microwaved kettle corn. i also sifted out the any unpopped kernels}
7 ounces melted white candy melts {or white chocolate}
your favorite sprinkles you could choose team colors, holiday colors...
{i chose these candy corn-y looking ones, for fall. obviously}

in a big bowl, i gently combined the melted candy and popcorn. it was a little hot, 
but i still used my hands to mix because it coated better that way. next i mixed in the sprinkles, 
before the candy hardened. i spread the popcorn onto waxed paper, to let it get ready more quickly :)

this is a super sweet treat. and possibly addictive. so i've been told by a reliable source #me

i envisioned elijah being excited about helping with this and maybe even trying some. in my dreams.

he wanted nothing to do with the popcorn, and everything to do with the sprinkles.
mostly he just hopped around in my way.
good thing he's so cute.

so. you need to try this. it's simple and can be made to match your mood, your party or the season!

linking up with fancy jess. pintertest kitchen celebrates one year today!!
be sure to stop by, a giveaway is involved. heck yes it is.


  1. Hannah. You are so good at picking out the most perfect cupcake liners. I should be better at that.

  2. cute snack idea!

    praying your vacation will be everything you need! just have a ball!

  3. I will choose to be jealous over that dang crack popcorn rather than being jealous over you going on a swoony vacation with all the people I wasnt to meet.

    The good news is I can make the crack popcorn at home.

    The other good news is you can all swing by and see me on your way back home. Yes, I do realize it is totally out of everyone's way. Well, except one. But that isn't you.

    Have fun. LOTS of fun. More fun than is really legal.


  4. This looks so easy! I wonder how it would taste with chocolate! Hope you have a great vacation :)

  5. simple is my language. and? whenever i find an egg free treat i get giddy. hunter will be, too. thanks sweets!

  6. how cute are you, festively pintertesting.
    love your color choices.
    also mixing popcorn with my hands is my worst nightmare. you are much braver than i.

  7. this is right up my ally. i'm so not a baker this i could do...maybe :)

    have tons of fun on your vacation.

  8. I like the candy corn colors you went all matchy-matchy with. I also die over how cute Elijah is. Please talk to him about all these hearts he's going to break. :-)

  9. this looks so good to me. sometimes simple is best.
    and hello, that is a darling picture of elijah!

  10. I, like Katy, am jealous of your liners. My liners = snoozefest. And I want all that popcorn right now. Have fun in NY!!!

  11. OK, soooo going to try this. The kiddos love popcorn. Throw in some sweetness and you've got me hooked!

  12. So, so cute. I love this idea. Plus, the combo of salty plus sweet is perfect for a Fall treat.

  13. These look absolutely delicious. And I feel like would be great at self-sustaining in the mail! Maybe I will put some of these together to send to some friends away at school! Yum.

  14. simple is the very best kind of cooking. i often look up a recipe, fall in love with the photos, skim the ingredients and get tired. ;) but this? i can totally manage.

    enjoy your trip, my dear!

  15. you did such a beautiful job with all the pics! you are totes a profesh:)

  16. pretty popcorn.

    have fun on your VACATION!

  17. I made this same popcorn for Valentine's Day sweet treats for my daughter's class last year and it was a hit! So easy, but amazing! thanks for reminding me about it! :)

  18. yum! haha yeah it is a good thing God makes them so cute!

  19. Yum! I'm gonna have to try these!

  20. i want this.

    all nine cups of it.

  21. Love this- would never had thought of it, were it not for you trying it out for us to see!