Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a quick note {gratitude attitude}

my alarm clock overslept.
and he's still sleeping.

good things like school can be missed for important things like sleep, i think.

coffee is brewing, a chocolate mocha blend that i'm not sure if i love yet.
as i'm waiting for my cuppa and sipping a pulp-y orange juice, i'm smiling.

it's a smile of thanks, for a night of great rest and a quiet morning.

grateful for a brand new day!
and for the sun shining on golden leaves that makes it hard to believe rain is ahead.

thankful for elijah's smile, and catching it on camera every now and then.

there are cookies in the cookie jar i feel like they'd make a nice breakfast.

i have a favorite bible, and i'm grateful for the freedom to read it.
i'm even more grateful for a changed heart that desires such a thing.

i have no idea what i'm cooking for dinner tonight, but i have plenty of choices.

there's a stack of paperwork that i seem to be avoiding. 
but today, i'm gonna get after it. because when it's finished, it means more help for elijah!

i'm thankful for that super 8 movie, please tell me you've seen it?
we watched it on netflix last night, and i was reminded of my favorite line:
"bad things happen, but you can still live."
grateful that those words are true.

 >>> <<<

soon i'll be back to blogging "for real", when i have more time.
for now, i'm busy. patrick's parents are still in town, and elijah has therapy appointments very soon.
there are orders to be packaged and shipped i'm having a sale this week, you know.
{20% off with FANCY20 on any purchase through friday!}

i'm off to read, including this. proverbs nails me every. single. time.
enjoy your tuesday, friends! choose joy!


  1. a goodnight sleep always tops my thankful list :)
    that might be the sweetest smile ever.
    I am putting that movie on my to see list!

  2. oh hey sleeping in.
    what a wonderful blessing.

    that picture of elijah melts my hearts. look at how happy he is.

    amen girl.
    praying for you today. <3

  3. sleep is dreamy, for sure! have a blessed day sweet friend!

  4. i like you. you are a breath of fresh air.

    tomorrow is sleep in day. yeah!

    i've not seen super 8, but that line made me smile.

  5. Glad the day is off to a good start! Hooray for sleeping babes!

  6. i did watch super 8! it was good!! glad you are taking your time and getting back in the swing of things. and sleep always wins! yay!! love you.

  7. um, I want to sleep in. And I miss you.

  8. i think that picture of e is a really good picture.

    and i haven't seen the movie. nervoussssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  9. A great way to start the day. Or the middle of the week. Thanks for the sweet reminder today to enjoy the moment. :)

  10. I love this!! And I totally agree with you, school can be missed for sleep. I have never woken my kids for school. Sleep is way more important! You have so much to be grateful for, I love it!!

  11. sleep is a lovely thing. i hate sleeping past the clock, but i always feel awesome and so that makes up for it, right?

  12. you are such an inspiration.
    you're ability to be grateful even when life is stressful blows me away.
    and i know it's because you're joy for life comes from your confidence in Gods love for you.
    xoxo friend!

  13. love this post! gratitude and cheerfulness is contagious, my friend, and you constantly exude both.

  14. We watched Super 8... twice. My sons really liked it. and this post reminds me of when I was starting each day on the front porch in my rocker making my "thankful list". It was such a GREAT way to start the day. Yes, i need to get back to that. Love you Friend.

  15. Love grateful posts. I'm munching on mini clubhouse crackers and babybel cheese right now...grateful;)

  16. I love his smile. He's such a sweetie. And I'm wearing your earrings again. If the Giants lose tonight, Dave might blame you. Miss you, friend.

  17. Sleep trumps everything. Everything.

  18. that sweet smile melts my heart right to a puddle. what a gift!
    SO thankful for sleeping in!!! yay!

    did you know that your joy and encouragement always brings a smile to my face and encourages me?
    well, it does. now you know!
    xoxo :)

  19. Love Super8! Especially that line! ...and love that sweet Elijah's smile!
    Much love to you, dear! <3