Monday, October 01, 2012

a little miscellany for your monday

happiest october to you!!

so thrilled that fall is here and loving the cozy goodness it brings already.
i'm extra excited because i'm taking a fun trip this week! more about that soon.

we're seeing little signs of autumn, and i love it. 
thankfully, it's not too windy like it often is here, and the leaves are staying pretty on the trees!
something i love about our place downtown is this greenway trail just behind our building. 
it's like having a huge, beautiful backyard!

elijah was under the weather one day this week. as usual, i soaked up the pace and snuggle time.
saldy, elijah has a fever again today! i'm keeping him home from school, 
and he's watching dinosaur train on netflix right now with patrick. 
other than the fever, not a bad morning so far :)

last night we were able to go on a little dinner date. hooray for respite care!
the weather was amazing and we ate at our favorite little bar & grill. 
i enjoyed crispy fried green beans, a massive cheeseburger and stella.
mostly i enjoyed uninterrupted time with my favorite man. it was a sweet blessing.

stay tuned, soon i'll share my highlights from the mercy triumphs studysuch a great week!

but for now, i'm gonna go fix more coffee and hang out with my sickie pants baby.

what are you up to? 
i'm linking up my randoms with fancy carissa today, join us!

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  1. oh heyyyy.
    i probably could have just read this post before texting you.

    also i want fried green beans. and stella.
    over and out.

  2. your red shoes are super cute! and that dinner sounds stinkin amazing.
    hope Elijah starts feeling better very soon!

  3. i'm sorry about your sick boy, but SO GLAD FOR YOU that you get respite care. yeah for date night and fried green beans.

  4. Dates with your love are the best, aren't they?! My hubs and I need to have more of them.
    Feel better soon sweet Elijah!