Thursday, September 27, 2012

power {beautifully rooted}

last month i was reading through hebrews.
today i'm sharing something that gripped me at the very beginning...


  1. "...he upholds the universe by the word of his power." When I read portions of scripture like that it convicts to the core. I sin against my God who upholds the universe with just HIS WORD?!?! Thanks for sharing this I need to go under line and highlight this ASAP!

  2. what wonderful verses. i love the wording used...radiance of the glory...exact imprint of his nature...the name he has inherited is more excellent. say what? it's so amazing.

  3. i LOVE LOVE this verse. I did a study on Hebrews earlier this summer and this verse just jumped out at me. and he died for us?! can you believe that? makes a person feel so humbled.
    heading over now to check out your post.. i'm sure it will be full of all sorts of wonderful. xoxo