Monday, September 10, 2012

mug swap 2012. holla.

you know, i am mighty glad that my fancy friend kim thought this thing up. {thank you!!!}

she had the brilliant idea to basically give two partners. 
because you send to one person, and a whole 'nother person sends to you. so, two new friends. bam.

i received a perfect mug.

my package arrived from the adorable company it was purchased from
inside i found a note that matched the mug with a jolly message, name and blog address.

my mug is from amy. a delightful, inspiring girl i'm now thrilled to have crossed paths with.

my reaction to opening this box of cheer was as if i'd been given a thoughtful treasure from a longtime friend.
i could blame it on the stresses of daily life, lack of sleep, a host of things...but i think i felt all weepy because 
amy is a kindred spirit. and we've never met, but i think she "gets" me. and this makes me happy.

the timely little message printed on the side was an extra touch of encouragement. don't you agree?

now that i've "met" sweet amy, i stalk her blog every chance i get. new posts, yes. 
but i'm even enjoying her past posts, too. i'm creepy like that. watch out.

this darling little mug gets used as often as possible. safe to say, it's my new favorite.
it's a powerfully happy cup, it can sunny up an entire day, you know.

what a treat to have a new friend like amy. isn't god good?
providing encouragement through a mug swap, i didn't see that coming.

certainly not for a second year in a row.
{i mean, last year, i met susan! and she's a doll!}

thanks, amy! i adore my happy little snail. 
he's a cute reminder to give thanks to a thoughtful lord, 
and to pray for you and your wonderful family. you are a blessing

>>> <<<

i was assigned this cutie pie to send a mug to. 

lesley's smile is contagious, she loves coffee and even makes her own donuts. 
she's a champion.

>>> <<<

did you participate in the mug swap? 


  1. EEEK! Amy is one of my favorite people! She and I have big plans to meet IRL one day. She is an amazing encourager. Get ready to be love-ed.

  2. Oh, that mug is just so cute!
    it would, no doubt, brighten up a gals day.

    and i'm sure your present to your mug swap partner
    was no less than adorable! (and i know this because everything
    your create/touch/do is super cute and made with lots of love. for reals.)

  3. i am so glad you posted where the mug came from.
    because, not that i need another mug. but.
    um. i feel like i need another mug.
    i want like, all of them.
    well, not all of them. you know. meow. but a lot of them.

    thanks for all of your bloggy friendship through the years, and for being a part of the mug swap since it's inception - and like being the one who said YEAH that would be fun.
    because, YEAH, it WAS fun. :)

  4. The mug is adorable! I love the saying that goes with it! Found you through Lesley at recipe for crazy :)

  5. majorly wish i would've gotten in on this. sigh. next year...

  6. Yes you got a winner. I did too. I am in love with that mug a whole lot. And you.

  7. Awwwww, a snail mug via snail mail. I love it. But I wish you would pour some cream in that coffee ;) Preferable a fancy flavored one.

  8. that mug is RAD & holla for new friends.

  9. You got some awesome goodies too! I am in love with all my gifts - you are amazing and too sweet. So glad you had my name - although I think everyone else is a tad jealous. I don't mind :) Thanks for all the thought and time that you put into my package of goodness. I love it and love you!

  10. SHOOT! I wish i would have known about this!! Post when it comes around again! So fun :)

  11. Such a cute mug! I would love to participate in the next one. :) Have a great day, mama!

  12. freaking amazing hannah! super cute mug!!!

    seriously. love that instant friends happen through the mug swap!
    kim is a freaking genius!

  13. what a fun thing/swap!!! cute cute mug!!

  14. i love that mug!!! i have been stalking their store since you posted the mug on IG. omgoodness, so cheerful and uplifting ~ which let's be honest, that's exactly what I need at ugly o'clock when I am drinking my coffee!

  15. awww, wifey.
    you make me blush.