Friday, September 21, 2012

it's a {random} good life.

i read this quote in a tweet yesterday and can't stop thinking about it:

nobody made a greater mistake 
than he who did nothing 
because he could do only a little. 
{edmund burke}

i also can't stop thinking about how amazing god is.

we're having some beautiful weather. the hoodie and hot cocoa kind.
i'm wondering, how long will autumn be? is winter coming fast and crazy?
the evenings are even better than the days. cozy to the max.
i stepped out one night this week and admired our downtown surroundings.

it's been exactly three years we've been in north dakota.
we went from no job, no money, no plans to this.
provision from the lord in every way he knew we needed. 
it's something marvelous, this free grace of jesus.

the jesus storybook bible, as you already know, is one of my favorite books ever.
we've been through it several times, and yet, it's like opening a new gift with every story.

elijah's back and forth with the muppet buddies. he loves watching muppets. 
for some reason, he often seems terrified of his dolls. particularly kermit. hilarious, right? 
this week he's been obsessed with them again. holding them, playing transformers with them, 
and lining them up like this. this time was likely something dramatic, 
as the queen from snow white was also in attendance.

oh, hey. i've got a cutie necklace from this girl.
you need one, too. grab one in her shop...and support her adoption!

last night we gave elijah dinner early, wrangled him into the bath and enjoyed some sweet downtime.
my little family is really the best. i'm in awe, that the lord gave me this precious life with these two.

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happiest weekend to y'all!
what are your plans?

one thing you need to do is enter this giveaway! oh, and probably this one, too!


  1. you sing the sweetest songs hannah.

    love that little family of yours.

    a bit jealous of your fall weather. it's just teasing us on and off here. makes me want to yell pick one already!

    love you.


  2. I love hearing you talk about the blessings in your life. It helps bring some positivity and optimism into my rougher days. Thanks Hannah.

  3. I love reflecting on where I was a few years ago and then seeing all the amazing things God has done for me, big and small. I love that you're able to look back to 3 years ago and know you're blessed and provided for, too! :) New follower! Have a great weekend!

  4. it really is a random good life. isn't it!?? ;)
    i love your north dakota story.
    i love that i have a friend IN north dakota (i think it's cool).
    i love that you're gonna move out here someday. ;) yep. right?

  5. i love hearing about God's faithfulness, in your move, i really do. it bolsters my faith in big ways. love that He is who He says He is!!!

  6. 1. agree whole heartedly with that first quote. So often I have grandiose ideas. And then life and kids takes over and i get completely overwhelmed. But the Lord has been teaching me to scale down that grand idea and SO SOMETHING LITTLE. And it's been great. I'm hoping one day those grand schemes can take place. But I don't want to miss out on the little things. Because together, they can make something grand.

    2. dying over the muppet line up. and funny about the terror of kermit. I mean, he is pretty fierce:) And Queen Snow in attendance? Bahahaha.

    3. I read the story book bible every day too. multiple times. never gets old. never.

    4. your downtown looks just lovely!

  7. i love how every story i read in the jesus story book bible, i get something out of it. me, an adult (debatable). sometimes i think about using it at church, but then i think it might be too hard to follow in the sermon.
    it's so beautifully written and jude loves the pictures.
    also, every story i read on your blog, i get something out of it. it oozes jesus, too.
    thank you.
    lastly, jude likes muppets too. i think he an elijah would be great friends. seriously, i do.
    oh wait, this is the lastly...your family is too darn cute.
    that is all.

  8. I love the toy lineup. I can always tell what toys Eva is loving right now because they make the cut and get in a line. Happiness to you.

  9. I love that pic of downtown living. Very cool. Enjoy those cozy nights. We are not quite there yet.

  10. Wow that is an amazing quote indeed!

  11. pretty jealous of your weather! ;) & God is SO good, isn't He? happy Saturday, friend!