Thursday, September 20, 2012

grateful {a little list}

for respite care a few hours a week.
amazing caregivers that love and engage my sweet boy 
and allow me the chance to recharge or get things done.

patrick spending his days off helping me, listening to me and being silly with me.

sneaking in a blizzard date with my man on a windy afternoon.

a sound mind, and the word of god that is never stale.

a patient savior who gently corrects my wandering heart.

growth in grace, and the encouragement to keep fighting complacency.

a sense of humor and friends who make me laugh.

elijah's interest in speech. 
going from practically non-verbal only months ago, to saying short phrases.

elijah's cute little voice.

the gift of hearing.

for music that stirs my soul to love and worship.

electricity, and a happy red coffee maker.

the postal service, that carries sweet words between friends.

a freezer and fridge full of food, and delicious recipes.

good books that challenge my mind and stretch my imagination.

my sister, who lives super close and shares my affinity for coke icees, even in cold weather.

blogging. and the hearts weaved together through sharing our hearts and lives.

the candy shop two blocks away, and caramel apple season.

friends and family with new little ones, and shopping for baby clothes.

what will you be grateful for today?
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  1. beautifully said! made me a little teary. and yay to Elijah!

  2. sunshine, good health and the fastest IEP meeting in the whole world.

  3. im grateful for YOU sweet Hannah!!!!

  4. Sweet list, h! And I couldn't agree more about a few blessed hours of respite care. Keeps this Mama human!

  5. i'm joining in with you on so many. especially this: the word of god that is never stale. AMEN. amen.

  6. So much to be grateful for! P.s. I am now craving a's been FOREVER since I had one!

  7. What a wonderful list! Praise God for what he is doing in the lives of your little family. Wishing you the best weekend ever!

    PS - I'm grateful for a kind and giving co-worker who as always there professionally and personally :)

  8. Go PHILLIES!!!!!!! lol love that hat!

  9. grateful for lights at the ends of tunnels and grateful that this beautiful journey ends with an even greater celebration. :) AND grateful for a washing machine that magically makes poop and spit up disapear. :) ps... i love your list.