Friday, September 07, 2012

coffee break {links for you}

elijah has this habit that's less than cute. ok. maybe a tiny bit cute. after the fact.
we put him down to bed, and he falls asleep...for three hours.
then he wakes and wants your full attention. 
and sometimes, he's so energetic, it's like he thinks it's a new day, wanting to play. 
at nearly midnight. 
we had a few of these nights this week. wednesday was the hardest.
every time he looked like he was on his way to dreamland, 
he'd suddenly shout out some gibberish or pretend he was stuck under his pillow. 
or kick me. or squeeze my face. this went on for hours.
and more hours. he finally fizzled out around 4am. we woke late for school, 
and my whole next day was wonky for lack of sleep and the fact that elijah was as exhausted as i was. 
good times.

enter coffee. it doesn't fix anything, but it sure makes things more bearable.
the smooth taste and cozy smell, and let's praise the lord for the caffeine, yes?

last grocery trip, i treated myself which i need to do sometimes to this:

it's amazing, and being a light roast and flavored, i usually mix it with my "boring" strong coffee.
but we're clean out of regular joe. so i've been drinking fancy cup after fancy cup. and i love it.

what are you drinking these days? i feel like i need to know, especially if it's caffeinated.
go on and grab a cuppa and let's browse these fun links!

check out these yummy soups at 36th avenue!

 and for dessert...

lesley reminded us of her adorable iced thumbprint cookies 
and shared a game day version that midwest magnolia made. smart and cute!

so excited about the return of this wonderful series at life made lovely!

love this fun kaleidoscope luminary craft via cool progeny

please take some time 
let's do this!

i was so blessed by this post from julie
i've never given birth, but i relate to her so much!
so grateful for her encouragement!

speaking of encouragement.
katy has officially opened her fancy shop!
and to celebrate, she's graciously treating you to a sale!!
just enter KATYGIRL20 at checkout.
but hurry, this goodness ends on sunday!
i think this print belongs in my kitchen...

also needed for my kitchen? 

these amazing little darlings.
and one of these, in every color :)
and these for when i make for others!

what goodness caught your internet eye this week?

 happiest weekend to you! xo


  1. oh coffee. i love it but it doesn't always love me. i caved and got a cup of blonde roast from starbucks this morning. i looked down at it and took a sniff... aaaah, liquid manna from heaven. :)

    love you lady!

  2. that crafty project is adorbs!! the only caffeine i have had in my life was from you and those sbucks cards. ha!! it's about time i start making some at home. katygirl's shop is rockin. love love love it!

  3. dang girl...rough nights of sleep! how about a cd player in his room and get some stories on CD to listen to when he wakes daughter loves those...but my son would never go for it lol...he has done the exact same thing as your kiddo and I am like ....what!?...this cant be happening haha.

    YES TO CAFFEINE!!! Have you tried targets buttery toffee flavor...oh my yum.

    I am so putting the carmel apple on my next list...yum!

  4. i should drink caffeine but don't. it makes me jittery. but i love coffee! also tea...english breakfast tea is my fave!! i need those recipe cards and mixing bowls too. they are darling. love that print...and many others of katygirl. super cute! the mercy project: amazing! also, thanks for your sweet words. you are a dear.

  5. we have a bunn coffeemaker that we have only ever used as a quick source for very hot water. every morning i make my way to that thing and, as the water begins to flow, i put a large paper cone filter in one of our two (40 year old) filtropa one-cup drippers. this little plastic gizmo sits on top of a mug. we have three airtight tins of ground coffee on the counter. one scoop from each goes into the dripper and then i pour that steaming water over the grounds. about three minutes later i'm sipping coffee (with cream and sugar) and praising god for a new day with fresh mercies. right now all three tins contain starbucks: veranda, guatemala, and breakfast blend. i've never cared for flavored coffee, but i love blending dark and light roasts.

  6. I can't wait to make Lesley's cookies. And thank youuuuuu

  7. caramel apple coffee?? for real. i want that.

  8. 1. You inspired me to do a "things I love" post.
    2. I also mentioned Katy's shop because everything is lovely and I'm totally buying a print.
    3. I love you.
    4. LP.

  9. Oh man, that's rough. Praying you feel rested even if you don't get enough sleep (does such a thing even exist?) Also, love your linky posts and was like, hey, i know those cookies :) What an honor to be included with such great company. Totally loving Katy's shop too!!

  10. Hi Hannah,
    I've commented before on how I have two brothers dealing with the same kind of things as your lovely little E. The sleeping? Exactly the same! For a few years now, they're taking melatonin. It's the stuff in your body that helps you go to sleep, and really get some rest! Maybe you can look into it? As it's completely natural in the body, you needn't worry about nasty side-effects. Hope this helps you, I'm sorry if it's too personal!