Wednesday, September 05, 2012

a new season

we chose a giveaway winner! 
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elijah and i were looking at these darling illustrations and sweet verse earlier today.
we thanked god for each month, and named things we love about each.
obviously, elijah was playing dinosaurs right beside me, 
only looking over a few times, but i wanted to do this activity all the same :)

i've always thought myself to be a summer sort. the beach oh, how i miss the saltwater!
shaved ice and fresh produce. the late setting sun, cricket songs and grasshopper chasing. 
we love the summer here, especially since we've so many awesome playgrounds in town.

surprisingly, summer isn't my top favorite anymore.
fall now takes the gold, and holds more comfort for me than any previous year.

school will be in full swing, giving elijah lots of opportunity to grow in learning, 
and me have some time to recharge.

autumn scented candles will be glowing, 

coffees with pumpkin, spice, caramel and vanilla will be the norm.

pumpkin patches will be visited and pumpkin treats of all kinds will be made and shared.

our local candy shop will stock an abundance of caramel apples.

trick or treats and thanksgiving feasts. and pies.

we'll have quilts in heavy rotation and extra cups of cocoa.

we're looking forward to soups and stews.

and maybe best of all, 
amazing respite caregivers will make it possible for us to attend church next month.

there's just so much to love about the season of crisp air, changing leaves, cozy boots and football.
what i am loving most is greater than those wonderful things.

fall marks a turning point for me, i think. a new season. in my heart.

of growth, acceptance, gladness and hope.
trusting more fully, embracing my now and being content.

it feels good, to be rested in my heart.

when the cares 
of my heart are many,
your consolations 
cheer my soul.
{psalm 94:19}

and all the sweet temporal treats that autumn brings, 
they raise my spirit in thanks to the creator of all things.
and it's to him i cleave today. in this fresh new season.


  1. Love the promise of new seasons.
    This post was like a breath of fresh air.
    Love to you.

  2. Love every little bit of this.

    Clinging to hope over here and praying some for you too.


  3. i love the fall. i was a fall baby.. maybe that has something to do with it too. :D
    i felt last year we missed it bc in NC fall just didn't happen. it was hot.. muggy.. there are mosquitos..the leaves didn't change (just dried out).. open windows on thanksgiving. too weird and made me horribly homesick.
    i am more than ready for a real fall and a new season!!!
    thinking of you!

  4. miss hannah,
    do you realize how many of your posts i've starred in the past few all of them!
    seriously, you seem to be speaking to my heart directly when you are writing and oh, oh how i need to be reminded!
    thank you for being you.
    and for our good Lord for putting your thoughts in the forefront of my brain.
    it was no accident that we met.
    of that i'm quite certain.

  5. Oh i love fall and all the wonderful goodies it holds. Getting excited thinking about it!

  6. first of you.
    secondly, i'm over summer and ready for all of these things.
    thirdly, i rejoice that you are able to attend with the body of Christ.

  7. Amen! I want to enjoy the end of summer... but fall sounds so sweet right now. :)

  8. me too--i've long pictured myself a summer girl, but these days fall has snatched my loyalty clean away. love you, love that verse.

  9. I can hear the anticipation in your words! Praying this new season brings heaps of blessings on your sweet little family!

    P.S. Fall is my favorite too. We still have a ways to go before we see fall here in ID but this weekend we were at the Oregon coast in jeans and sweatshirts and it was bliss.

  10. i like that you get to go to church next month! you should make a paper-chain to count down the days. i pray elijah feels safe and is well cared for while you are at church.

    i'm looking forward to fall. poor summer, can't wait for it to get here, then i can't wait for it to hit the road and leave.

  11. too wonderful about the caregivers for church......yay God! i'm really beginning to love fall, too. there isn't anything better than a pumpkin spice latte in your hand with a candle glowing on the table next to you. have a sweet day, hannah!

  12. i tend to agree with you... summer was my fave until i became a mom. now fall takes the cake... especially the pumpkin kind from sbucks. : ) so thankful you can go to church again! is it possible every week, or just once/month?

    ps. when is your bday??