Thursday, September 13, 2012

7up cupcakes {pintertest kitchen}

on sunday i had a few minutes of free time and decided to do a quick pantry/fridge/cupboard check.
you know, for nearly empty or expired things. i'm a party animal like that.

anyway, i couldn't read the date on my baking soda, so i tossed it. 
when i came to my sprinkles, two colors were recently expired and two others had no legible dates.
i am maybe a complete, tightly-wound freak a little hyper about such things. 
sure, i totally don't think that expired baking soda or sprinkles will kill me, but i know it won't be right
i also threw out my cooking oil. because it was "old". if something has been opened for too long, 
i just can't handle it. even if it's not expired, it's old. do i have issues? possibly.

after this super fun activity, i thought it'd be fun to make cupcakes with elijah!
only, i was out of baking soda. and oil.

i did have cake mix. which, i believe, is perfectly awesome unless you're baking specialty cupcakes.
shoot. still need oil. 

then i remembered something i had pinned to try sometime. the time was now.
i went to my 'cupcakes i need' board, and there they were. soda can cupcakes.

i gathered my ingredients, and posted them on instagram. obviously.

i followed the incredibly easy instructions from the original recipe post on cookies and cups.
she used a different coke* and cake mix flavor, but i trusted her when she said it didn't matter what i used!
*i really have a hard time saying 'soda'. everything is a coke to me. now you know.

i mixed my room temperature 7up and yellow cake mix, filled my cheery liners and baked at 350.

most of them sank a little bit. i was planning to frost them, so i wasn't bothered at all.
the texture was awesome and they tasted amazing!

i mixed up a batch of buttercream, colored it pink, ate some, then frosted the cutie cakes.
when i went to get some fun sprinkles...tossed 'em, remember? dang itttttt! why am i so ridiculous?

so. plain frosted cupcakes. not quite the look we adore, but we made the most of it.
i mean, the frosting really needs no frills. i used this recipe for these, by the way.
my favorite way to eat any cupcake is cold. like right from the fridge. 
even better, after the buttercream has been on overnight. oh. heck. yes.

the thing is, you need to give these a try. sooner rather than later.
cupcakes don't get any easier. and these are delicious, even without frosting or sprinkles.
think of the fun coke/cake mix combos you could use!?

they are the jam.

bonus: i remembered that this fancy girl has a fun linkup this month, so thrilled to join in, you should too!


  1. Ooooh, cupcakes. Me want cupcakes.... Husband is out, now would be a good time to bake some...

  2. Awesome! I think we will do that buttercream icing today to frost this bug kid turning TWO tomorrow! We have pepsi since that is what dad drinks... I'll wait for a bit as we dont need that extra caffine!

    Love you, friend! Your posts are ALWAYS timely :->

  3. You could be a food photographer.

  4. Your frosting is making me drool. Dang you girl ;)

  5. amazzzing.
    those look heavenly.
    and so beautiful.

    also i think the real reason you made them is b/c the giants are "7 up" right now. ;)
    which means 7 games ahead of the 2nd place team (dodgers, BOO!).
    you know how to celebrate your team. ;)

  6. your cupcakes are soooo cute!

    i love 'em straight from the fridge too.

    and yes, you are cray cray for throwing away oil, LOL, LOL! and do sprinkles expire? I think still have some that are like 10 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now you have me paranoid. well. not really. but i'm seriously going to consider my janky ole sprinkles next time i use them.

  7. I need that icing NOW! Those look yummy! I agree with could be a food photog! GO GIRL!

  8. I have found that the soda thing only works when i make a cake. with cupcakes they get too flat and they're still doughy.

  9. wow, soda in a cupcake? well, i'll be...
    how do these genius people come up with this stuff..
    their brain must be wired a little differently when it comes
    to cooking/baking.
    and your pictures actually make me want to try this method ! :)

  10. I've never heard of soda used as an ingredient. I must be missing out!

  11. i am so trying these. like totally. thanks babe!

  12. um yes please to these cupcakes. those look so yum. and I am a freak about throwing stuff out too! :) LOVE YOU!!

  13. um PS just wanted to day that i am diggin your new header and design! love it!! :)

  14. first i wanted a blizzard, and now these. thanks a lot.

  15. I once made mountain dew cupcakes kind of like these. I won't lie - they were kind of scary. These look 5,000 times better. And who can lose with pink frosting and green liners??! LOVE! Thanks for linking up, friend. YOU are the jam.