Monday, August 06, 2012

thrifty love gift exchange!! {and a sweet find}

happy fresh new week to you!

well, the time has come, the time is now. link up your treasures!
{it was a fun thing, hosting this with my girls,
carina, danielle, jami, esther, sarah, heather and stephanie!}

first though, since i love a good ramble, a wee story.

>>> <<<

i don't often get time to go wandering the local thrift shops, you know.
when i do, it seems that i only see junk,
never finding that awesome sweetness i see other thrifting queens coming across.
every now and then, i have a bit of luck.

like this sunny yellow cup:

two of them actually, for a quarter each.

books are sort of my thing. especially old books.
even more my thing, are books from my own childhood days.
some that have been lost along the years,
i have found and happily added to my current collection.

like these:

i absolutely obsessed over the childcraft books as a child. 
the set i have now was given to me by my mama almost two years ago. 
because she sold our set at a yard sale. no comment
anyway, a few books were my favorite, two of which are the ones pictured here. 
and while these finds are a different edition, the contents are the same. this? 
this was a great dollar spent, my friends.

the real reason why? my sister loves these books, too. 
i had been contemplating giving her a couple from my set, for her to share with her kiddos. 
i never dreamed i'd find them at the local thrift, when i wasn't even on the hunt for them!

and it got even better.

same trip. same shop. i found these two gems. 
both, at different ages of course, were read over and over again by me as a child. favorites! 
i mean, i read this a billion times, to keep my dreams of living in a museum alive. 
and finding an old copy was just so sweet
my mama had given me the poems and prayers book when eg was a babe. 
and again, i was really wanting to get one for my sister. and bam. there she was. in excellent condition!

isn't the illustration darling?

i just can't get over it. finding these exact things.
i never thought too much about it, never prayed about it.
but for some reason, because he delights in giving good things? the lord gave me these books.
{why does god being god, surprise me so often?}

>>> <<<

ok, fancy friends! on to the exchange!

i was paired with cute annie.
she is the sweetest!!
it was fun packing up treats for her.

i was so worried at first, my shopping didn't start off so great.
then, i finally scored a few fun things i thought she'd like!
sadly, i didn't take photos of what i sent her. 
but i did get photos of the sweet loot she sent me!

carry crate, two napkins, two canisters and a precious pair of earrings!

even better than the fun goodies, was the note she tucked inside.
so much sweetness!

that's the real reason i participate in these fun swap things, you know?
to meet new people, make new friends. it's just way too much fun!
super grateful to know annie now, what a blessing!

alright, i wanna hear all about your thrifty lovin' finds!

grab a button and link up below! anytime until august 15!
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a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. Love those yellow mugs! Great job friend! :)

  2. I love that yellow mug! Good find!

  3. "From the mixed up files"! I loved that book growing up. yay! And I love those canisters.

  4. So fun! I love this exchange :) Glad you found your book and that Annie is a great thrifter too!

  5. wow! i love what you got! that crate is awesome. :) and those little crocks are so cute! wasn't this fun? i loved participating! :) lora

  6. I love everything she bought you! This was definitely a fun swap, and I love meeting new friends through these things. I'm glad you girls came up with the idea :)

  7. that carry crate is gorgeous! what an awesome find! and, of course, the cannisters :) I have those and LOVE THEM!

  8. YAY~~~~ This was so much fun! I'm so glad you liked what I got you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my stuff!!!! SO happy & cheerful! I have my hanky in my purse and I think of you everytime I look down in there! So thankful to have found your blog!!!!!!! :)


  9. thrifted books are the best! we have a used book store called "Wax Paper" that I love to go in to just to browse from time to time. I just recently started collecting vintage embroidery books. It's become a problem.

    And swaps are the best! I've only done two but I'm really looking forward to Kim's mug swap!!

  10. What a great idea!

    Julie @ Naptime Review.

  11. I gave my childcraft books to my sister in law... the other one..not heather. :( I can't even tell you how many hours I spent reading those things. They're in good hands though. Love your yellow mug. And I love that wooden crate. I can see it filled with washi tape, or paper straws, or felt markers or paint brushes... Oh and I love Annie and I love you.

  12. omgsh. JACKPOT CITY! :)
    this is such a fun swap.
    i wish our thrift stores were not SO lame.
    but maybe it's all in the eye of the beholder.

    can we talk about the mixed up files real fast.
    i am a voracious reader. but NEVER liked many school reads. like. maybe 3.
    and THAT is my #1 most favorite of life all time ever.
    i could totally survive in a museum because of that.

    the forest no.
    but a museum. YES. :)

    best childhood book.
    i think about it often.
    i'm glad you love it as much as i do.

  13. Love all the stuff you found and received. I was a big chicken and didn't participate in the thrift exchange because the thought of thrifting gives me cold sweats. You'll be happy to know I'm going to host a party within Moxie using this idea. However, I'm going to have to recruit a thrifty-wise friend to come with me or I may not make it. ;)

  14. wow! look at this linkup. so fun! it's time i go thrifting for once. you've motivated me!! surely i can spare a few dollars. your finds are delightful.

  15. I really like the cloth napkins. I always hunt for good cloth napkins. The older the better of course. And those children's books are precious. So awesome is Our God that even the details of a favorite child's book is something he is concerned about. That thank you prayer... we used to sing as a song before snack time at the Preschool where I worked. Wish I could sing it to ya ;) wink wink!!

  16. ooooohhhhh ~ can i join in on this goodness?!
    i *love* thrifting!! i am blessed to go once a this is right up my ally.