Wednesday, August 01, 2012

#photoaday july 2012 {and the mug swap, too!}

happy wednesday!
meow's it goin'?

did you hear that snoop dogg is now snoop lion?
i ain't lion, read all about it.

enough with important news, let's discuss where july ran off to.
i'm trying to accept that august is here already.
july just happened so fast. summer is happening so fast.

take a little peek at my month through these fun photo a day challenge captures!

i suppose, 
since it's august first, that i need to make up my mind about participating in the photo a day thing this month. 
are joining the fun this month? you can do so with your phone, or real camera, you know!

>>> <<<

and i can't let this post be finished without mentioning:

kim is at it again. mug swap madness is live!
y'all. sign up. it's what all the cool kids are doing.

i met my sweet friend susan through this last year and got an awesome mug.
so yeah. get on it.


  1. those photos are sweet. love seeing them all is one place! in on the mug swap, obvi.

  2. yay! I love the mug swap for the same reason, finding my new fancy sweet friend Hannah! Love you!

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  4. great July snapshots. Your good at keeping that going! Your boy s a cutie pie. Hope you have a great August though it did come fast. Mug Swap...sound fun...i will have to think about that one, thanks for sharing. Mica @ The Child's Paper

  5. awww! i love YOU, sweet friend! yay for another mug swap! and for real? snoopy wants to be a lion? poor boy!

  6. I heart that your floor looks like mine. Blocks are the bomb-diggity. They are.

    Prayed you up this morning at 10:38. True Story!


  7. i feel like everything about this post is amazing. from start to finish.
    do you think snoop will sign up to swap?
    should i tweet him?

  8. Meow's it goin? Best one yet!

  9. well thank you so much for keeping me up-to-date on the hip-hop front. i'll have to sounds all cool and fill kelly in. ; ) i'm also so impressed with your photo-a-day. i gave up 15 days into it back in may. lol. your boy has the perfect head for hats. #cutiepants

  10. I pretty much failed July's photo challenge, but I always enjoy seeing your pictures! ;)

    & I signed up for the mug swap - it sounds like lots of fun!!

  11. The whole snoop lion thing is pretty amazing if you ask me. Since I'm from the LBC I've always been a fan :).
    And I might just have to do this whole mug swap thing...sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing!

  12. All over the mug swap! Love the pics, so bad at that. Where do I get the August ones?

  13. First, thank you for the Snoop Lion tidbit. I'm always looking for info that I can reveal to my husband before he's a little game we play. Yes, how is it already crazy!!! I love my little photo challenge! I'm all over this mug swap...I can't wait. Ordering my earrings today BTW!

  14. I hope you told Kim to tweet him.