Thursday, August 02, 2012

my fave chicken salad

please, don't get too excited, this post couldn't be any less fancy.
i just thought it was about time to share one of my favorite summer foods with y'all.
and i am guessing it's yours too? it should be.

honestly, i love a delicious basic chicken salad just fine. like this recipe. the best. trust me.

also trust me when i say, it's a wise move to mingle a little bit of something sweet with your delicious chicken and mayonnaise.
speaking of mayonnaise. if you use miracle whip, i absolutely do not ever want to hear about it.
we can still be pals though. maybe.

my true favorite "mix ins" would be fresh pear, pecans, celery, grapes or fuji apples. or all?
on a croissant would be the jam, but i'll take regular-guy wheat bread any day too.
usually, i just gather whatever ingredients i have on hand.

this time, i had jazz apples and walnuts. and no bread. ha.

i don't measure for this recipe. i just. make. it.
most times, two large chicken breasts will be two lunches for us.

take the chicken, cooked-boil it, bake it, whatever-and cooled...then cube or shred it to your preference. i like a chunky salad.
i'm not gonna boss you around or anything, but you really need to be eating chunky chicken salad. otherwise it's a spread. amiright?

blend chicken with mayonnaise. start small and work up to your desired ratio. i love mayonnaise. amen.
chop up your apple/pear/grapes/celery
chop up your walnuts/pecans
add your chopped ingredients to the chicken/mayo mixture, stir well to fully combine.

place salad in the fridge to chill. it's just so much better when it's cold!

serve on a delicious bread of your choice, or if you are lame and have no bread like some folks i know,

wheat thins are a wonderful companion.

this recipe is an excellent one to share.
pack it up with yummy rolls or even a box of crackers/bag of chips, summer fruit and iced tea.
take it to new mamas, or your neighbors or to anyone!

how do you like your chicken salad?
what are your favorite things to mix in?


  1. That looks so stinkin' good! I love grapes in mine. I cheat and go the oven roaster route. 1 less step = less work for the mama! HA!

  2. I know this has nothing to do with your above post, but I just had to let you know. I just stumbled upon your blog (while looks at another blog), and I'm so happy to have found it! I follow you on IG (beth_elaine) and you're so encouraging, so I'm so excited to be following your blog now! :]

  3. Amazing! For real, now I have to eat my crummy ham sandwich for lunch and dream about this! And yes, I love eating wheat thins with my chicken salad (esp because we almost NEVER have bread in the house)! Yum!

  4. Oh yes! Mine is usually the same, but with a bit of honey mustard too! (try it!)

  5. Girl, we HAVE to get you some Duke's mayonnaise. Must.

    Your life will be forever changed by our Southern traditions. Amen.


  6. THIS LOOKS SO YUMMY! I LOVE CHICKEN SALAD! I'm putting it on my menu! Thanks for the reminder! YUMMMMMMMY!!!!!

  7. Our favorite summer salad is a chicken noodle salad. Recipe here:

    But my all time favorite is found on a sandwich at a local restaurant. walnuts, grapes, apple, curry powder, mustard, mayo. Beyond amazing.

  8. i make mine with grapes, plain greek yogurt, a teeny bit of {honey} mustard and bam! it's good. i don't like mayo :(
    if we don't want a sweet one, we use pickled relish and plain mustard with the yogurt.
    i will definitely try the apples and nuts next time.

  9. I LOVE chicken salad (make mine similar to you) and even with the wheat crackers but I agree a croissant is best. I happen to be a Miracle Whip kinda gal but I'm glad we can still be friends ;) Isn't it funny how people have such strong opinions when it comes to Mayo vs miracle whip!

  10. Chicken salad is an absolute fave! I like mine with celery and on a croissant, but if no croissant then crackers. Yum I may just have to make this soon.

  11. yuuuum. i like dried cranberries in mine. miracle whip? never, ever, never.

  12. That looks so good. I love fruit in my salad. Also love Wheat Thins.

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  13. Have you ever had Saffola Mayo?? Maybe i will mail you some. I missed it so much when we lived in the Midwest. Glad you got my card. I promise if we ever take a road trip north again. I will not miss you...we'll share some chicken salad. Ok. i am hungry NOW.
    Lots of love.

  14. That looks perfect with Wheat Thins! I love love love a chunky chicken salad : )

  15. ok, so i have never had this type of chicken salad before {but it looks really good}.
    the chicken salad that i know of and make is with chunky chicken, mayo, mustard and diced pickles. does that sound famiilar?
    i'm kind of thinking the sweetness of the fruit in your salad sounds really good.
    i just may try your salad.
    one more thing to add on my 'need to try' list ;)

  16. Mmm that looks yum! And the la croix doesn't hurt either!

  17. I make it much like you do - love love grapes and walnuts - I usually add a little taragon and a smidge of honey... I might just have to have this for dinner tonight !!!!!!!
    so, there's this partially written letter to you - waiting to be finished and mailed...sigh

  18. Only real mayo, fo sho. I like dried cranberries and I like it on a sandwich.