Thursday, August 30, 2012

jotting down a few {blessings}

monday afternoon my amazing sister linnea had a baby girl.
and monday night i was able to meet her!
she is practically perfect, in every way.
sure to be the most darling baby sister.

i remember very well the early morning my baby sister linnea arrived.
my role of big sister was immediately taken seriously :)
i was so proud of her, so in love with her big moon head and soft skin.
she was the best little sidekick.
even through a few years of turmoil all on my part, we've remained close.
and being her older sister is one of my favorite things i've experienced in this life.

i pray that ivy will love her new little sister well!

and really, ivy is a wonderful big sister already!
can't wait to see these two in action.
both these cutie girls have the same little birthmarks between their eyes. love!

last night they named this sweet baby. hazel.
one of my favorite girl names!
i'm so grateful for a safe birth, and grateful that we live so close to ben and linnea and their girls!
what a special gift to all of us. 

elijah hasn't met little hazel yet, but he's been sweetly saying baby at these pictures today :)

we had a crazy beautiful thunderstorm last night.
really cooled things off. which is awesome, because we nearly pass out at the park in the heat.

keeping up with elijah makes you really appreciate less oppressive temps and cool, rainy days.
like this one. a perfect drizzly day.
i'm grateful for some time with elijah today, no therapies or school!

elijah adores his respite caregivers. praise the lord.
they seem to really get a kick out of him:)
yesterday they went to the fancy park nearby and the library.
and i stayed home and drank a coke, ignored messes and shut my eyes for a bit.
it was glorious and refreshing.

i was also able to spend some time creating new things for the shop.
most importantly, i was able to finish up earrings for two special orders.
i am so honored that people like what i make. and maybe a little puzzled, too.
definitely grateful. humbled and overwhelmed.

the whole reason i started this shop was in hopes of maybe earning a little money for a trip.

i've likely mentioned this before, but i'll say it again.
when i began making these earrings to sell, i thought maybe i could sell out my first listings by the end of the year. 
i prayed and asked the lord to help me cover my start up costs and if it pleased him, 
to help me earn money to buy a plane ticket for my trip.
the lord rocked my socks. 
but not the way i planned. typical of him :)
see, aside from me purchasing more supplies, we have used my shop income on regular needs for our family.
we needed this money right now. and i didn't even know it!
so grateful the lord gave me the courage to put myself out there a little and open my shop!

and i am incredibly thankful for all of the sweet customers i've had. 
many i know already, and many i don't. all have encouraged me and blessed my heart.

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linking up my thanks here today, join us!

what are you grateful for today?


  1. Congrats on the birth of your new niece! She's all new baby wonderful.

    And your earrings are very lovely :)

    (visiting from thankful thursday)

  2. it makes me happy to hear how God has been blessing your shop!! you're a busy lady! :)

    p.s. so happy also to hear you got some alone time to rest and recharge. praying you get some more of it. :)

  3. Congrats on your new niece! And wow does your little guy look like such a little man right now!

  4. i love when God surprises us like that.
    love, love, love it!

  5. hazel and ivy! too cute!

    and so happy for your shop!!!!

  6. I love the way God has blessed your shop. It's amazing, and so are you. I mean that. Those aren't just words. You truly are amazing. I'm so thankful that He put us together, and that I can call you friend.
    Your new niece is beautiful. Sisters are such a special thing, aren't they? I'm not even close to my sisters, but there is still something very special about them. I feel very defensive and protective over them, even though we are NOTHING alike :)

  7. CONGRATULATIONS, AUNTIE HANNAH! Hazel is beautiful.

    I'm encouraged by God's provision for your family through your shop. I need to see He is hearing and moving. Your generosity to me for August was just that. Thank you.

  8. what a precious precious baby. i have a six month old and totally have baby fever. crazy right?

    i'm thankful for being at home with my babies. thankful for the weekend when my fella is home with us. thankful for new eyes to see good friendships.

    happy friday friend!

  9. hey sweetie. i'm so happy and excited for your family and this new baby girl! she is so beautiful as is her name. praise the Lord - i'm so thrilled you have the caregivers and Elijah is enjoying them. God is so so good!

  10. congratulations, auntie hannah! hazel is beautiful, and what a perfect name. i hope this is a restful, joyful weekend for you & your crew.

  11. congrats auntie.
    little miss HAZEL. i freaking love it. which you already know :)


  12. Loving the precious photos!
    Welcome to the world, Hazel--one of my faves too :)
    Sweet earrings.